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Before Edward Became a Vampire

This is my first Fanfiction I have ever written and so this one isnt as good. It is completed. I have more stories that I do think are better than this one so please no rude comments. Love, Jade xoxo


19. Chapter (Last Chapter)

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Chapter 19

Edward's POV

I was walking up to the room when I started to hear a thought. But not just anyones mind, it was her mind. Izzy. 'i j-just cant b-believe it! H-How c-can he b-be d-dead? I-I n-need him t-too much! H-he ism-my l-life I n-need him NOW!' thats what caught my attention the most though. A;; i wanted to do now was run up to her and comfort her but I knew i couldn't do that. I would be exposing vampires and that would cost my life. Right now i actually wish i had died on that table because then i wouldn't be having all of this guilt that i am having right now. I couldn't listen to her thoughts anymore, it just really hurt me to see how much pain she is in. So i left and went back to carlisle.

I walked into the room Carlisle was in and he instantly knew something was wrong. 'is there something up Edward' he thought knowing i would hear him. i nodded my head and he asked me what happened. I explained to him what Izzy was thinking and how i felt responsible for her pain and that i felt guilty. I left out the part of wishing i would've died, because i know how Carlisle feels about changing people and i knew that would make Carlisle feel bad.

Carlisle looked at me and he told me that we had to go and leave here. we would have to go far far away from here until everyone forgoot about me. and then when it is safe we could come back. It could be a while.

Goodbye Izzy.