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Before Edward Became a Vampire

This is my first Fanfiction I have ever written and so this one isnt as good. It is completed. I have more stories that I do think are better than this one so please no rude comments. Love, Jade xoxo


3. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Edward's POV

I was going to lav until i heard izzy saying to jake "jake stop" he wasnt stopping he kept doing what he was doing and kissing her. she was starting to get really pissed and i knew i had do something. i walked over to jake and pulled him off of izzy and punched him in the face. i yelled in his face saying "stay away from her or else you will hav to go through me". i took izzy and put my arm around her like i owned her. i turned to her to see if she was hurt when i saw tears going down her face.

i stopped walking and grabbed her face so she would look at me, she looked scared. "are you okay?" i asked. she said "ya thanks for helping me." she burried her face into my chest and started letting the tears fall faster and harder. i rubbed her back trying to rassure her that it was ok and he wouldnt ever touch her again.

Walking home

izzy dcided to leave her car in the parking lot and walk with me. i took her hand and started walking with her. i wanted to kiss her but i just couldnt cause it didnt feel right.

At Izzy's House

i was walking up to her house whn she leaned into kiss me but i pulld her into a hug instead. 'Sorry its just not the right time to do this" i said.

she had a sad and confused look on her face but before i could say anymore she slammed the door right in my face.

At Home

I was sitting on the couch (i dont have any parents they died in a car crash). i was so stupid why didnt i just kiss her it wouldve made things a whole lot easier. i went up stairs and looked at the time "oh my god its midnight alrady!?" i said

i got ready for bed and lied down i closed my eyes and started dreaming of izzy. izzy was in my arms asleep, she looked so peaceful in my arms. when suddenly she disappeared and i was on a cliff, there izzy was oh no she was about to jump off the cliff "izzy NO!!!" i screamed. When suddenly i woke up with sweat running down my face.

Walking to school

i was walking to school when i saw izzy laving from her house i stopped to wait for her. i saw her look at me and a smile form on her face "EDWARD!!!" she yelled and ran over to me and hugged me. i smiled at her and hugged her back. all i could think about was me saying i love you izzy. wait do i love her? i just met her yesterday! am i going crazy?!

At School

We got to school and guess who comes towards us? JAKE DOES!!! i got infront of izzy so that jake didnt touch her. "what ar you doing here jake?!" i said he just looked at me and said "what are you like her body gaurd now???" i got so pissed at what he just said. i was about to punch him in the face when i felt a soft warm hand grab my arm and say in a sweet voice "he's just not worth it dont let him get to you" i turnd to see it was izzy. i felt so angry but luckily izzy calmed me down. itook her hand and just walked away before a fight started.

we steppd into the school and i walked izzy to class and asked her if we were still on for tonight and of course she said of course we still are.

i left her class and went to my first class but i kinda was day dreaming about her the whole time. i was day dreaming the whole class until i found out i was actually sleeping. oh crap!!! i was awoken whn by the teacher mrs.carter by her saying over and over mr. mason, mr. mason, MR. MASON!!! WAKE UP!!! suddenly my eyes shot open to see mrs. carter up in my face. i screamed and eeveryone in the class started laughing histarically. i went beat red and was so embaressed.

After School- At Detention

i couldnt believe i had detention it was going to be so boring atleast i could just sit in hre in peace atleast.

At home Getting Ready for the Date

I was at homee and getting ready for the first date with izzy. i was excited evn though that is kinda girlish. I had picked out a new suit for tonight and i was taking her to tres bella (very pretty) just like her!


it was 5 mins till i was gonna pick izzy up from her house for our date. it has been 5 mins and i was just walking up to her door. i knocked on the door and izzy cam to the door wearing a bautiful blue dress (medium legnth). i looked into her eyes and said "wow, you look so beautiful" she smiled her beautifull smile and said "thank you so very much u look wonderful to" i took her hand and took her to my car. we drove to tres bella and asked for a table for 2.