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Before Edward Became a Vampire

This is my first Fanfiction I have ever written and so this one isnt as good. It is completed. I have more stories that I do think are better than this one so please no rude comments. Love, Jade xoxo


5. Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Edwards POV


I woke up being so excited to go see my GIRLFRIEND Isabella Swan. I woke up and got ready when i realised i had a fever of 104 degrees farinheight! i knew i couldnt go to school because i didnt want to get izzy sick. i decided i would just walk to her house quickly to tell her i wasnt going to school not thinking anything through about getting her sick so ichanged my mind cause tht would be the worst thing to do. I decide that it would be best to go see the doctor becuase i wouldnt want it t get worse.


Mr. Mason Said the nurse Dr. Cullen is ready to see you now." I walked into Dr. Cullens office and he did the whole examintaion. He had me get bloo taken,. he said he would get backto me once he gets the results back and told me to go home and drink lots of fluids and get tons f rest.


i went home and started to make myself so soup.andi got myself a big glass of water. i sat in my bed and wished someone was here to take care of me when i heard the doorbell ring and... Izzy was standing at the door!

In mind i was having a battle whether this was good or bad. i didnt even know what my expression wasi think it was my mouth just hanging open cause izzy had tht uncomfortable look on her face.

i Found out she came t find out why i wasnt at schoo and i told her everything andtold her i wont be coming t school for a bit until i get my blood results back abd told her she may want to go cause he didnt wanna get her sick too. Izzy understood and left.

I was feeling worse and wasnt feeling faint. Idecided to just go sit down and maybe get some sleep.

my eyes got heavier and heavier until they closed into a deep sleep.