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Before Edward Became a Vampire

This is my first Fanfiction I have ever written and so this one isnt as good. It is completed. I have more stories that I do think are better than this one so please no rude comments. Love, Jade xoxo


6. Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Edwards POV

Its been 4 days since i last saw my izzy. I have been sick the other days getting worse and worse and not knowing what was up. I hadnt gotten my results yet and was getting anxious!!!

I have been sleeping in almost every single day because i have been sick. Tomorrow i have an appt. With dr. Cullen about my tests. I am very nervous.


I was sitting on the couch reading a book (romeo and juliet). I am a sucker for a love story i really am. I sooo badly wanted to see my izzy but sadly i knew i couldnt because she could catch what i have and that would be worse than me getting sick.


I have my appt. today at 10am and it is 8:47am now so i have to get ready since i am still in my pajamas.

I got dressed and ate breakfast and now it was 9:15am and i had to leave for the appt.

I left for the appt. And on my drive there guess who i saw??? Izzy just sitting on a bench reading a book and guess which one??? Romeo and juliet yes we luv the same things. So much i wanted to run up behind her and put my hands over her eyes and say "guess whoo???" and kiss her but i couldnt sadly :( for obvious reasons so i just had to ignore it.


I was in the waiting room when the nurse came and said "Mr. Mason Dr. Cullen will see you now" "thank you" i said and i headed to the office that i was in before.

In the office i was waiting for the doctor to come and i was so nervous. Just then Dr. Cullen came in with a folder in his hands.

"so Mr. Mason as you can see i have your resukts here but i dont think you will be happy with the results" Dr. Cullen said. "alright just tell it to me straight please i just want to get this over and done with please" i said. "There is first some really bad news you should know" Dr. Cullen said "you are highly contagious so you should keep yourself isolated or in the hospital at all times. Your best option would be the hospital though" said Dr. Cullen. "please can you just tell me what i have i am dying here and i really just want to have it told to me so go ahead please" i pleaded

"ok her it goes' you have...."