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Carlisle found a cure to slow Nessies aging to normal but they decided to hand her over to Renee to live a normal life. Nessie is now 17 and suddenly a mysterious Cullen family arrive in town.


1. One

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"Yes Edward?"
"Check on her for me?"
"Again?" she joked but I didn't smile. She went blank.

3:40pm Monday

"Hey, wait up!"
"oh hey Cassie, what's up?" Cassie was my best friend there was no one like her she was always so enthusiastc.
"have you seen the new people!"
"Of course, that Edward guy and his girlfriend are in like everyone of my houses.."
"isn't Edward just the hottest most perfect thing you've ever seen?"
"I don't know, I mean yeah there like perfect looking but I don't know.."
"what? Are you crazy Nes how can you not want the Cullens boys pants!"
I shuddered. " I just don't.."
"shut up!" I laughed.
"did you hear there throwing a party?" she said knowing she had my instant attention. "everyone in our years invited."
"I don't think mum will let me go, not after last time.." i said remembering back to the night I came home on heel missing drunk off my face for the second time that month.
"oh come on just tell her it's a nice, innocent get together to welcome the Cullen our school or some shit, you're a good liar"
"Damn straight"
she laughed "oh there's Clarke, see you late!" she ran of, well skipped would be more an accurate word.
Once I got to my locker I found a cream coloured invitation
"Cullens house.. 34 Ringroad… Friday.. 8pm… blah blah blah" I stuffed the invitation into my bag when someone approached.
"So you coming this Friday?" a sing song voice said, I turned around to find the girls voice matched her pixie looks, perfect pixie looks.
"uhh yeah hopefully.." I smiled awkwardly. "so your uh Bella Cullen?"
"Alice Cullen actually.. Bellas the Brunette." She smiled but I could see the sadness in her eyes.
"oh sorry, you're in my art class aren't you?"
"yeah I am. Hey I don't know many people here other than my brother and sisters I was wondering if you want to hang out?" she looked hopeful, smiled but before I could reply her blonde and absolutely stunning sister, Rose or something came round the corner, she didn't looked so happy.
"Alice." She said in a hard tone. "come on"
"oh I guess I see you later then" she said walking towards her sister.
"see ya" I smiled watching them walking away, them both giving me what seemed to be a sad look before they turned the corner.

8:30am Tuesday

"your being paranoid"
"am not!"
"Are so? There not looking at you weird Nes"
"Cassie listen to me they looked all sad and pitiful"
She laughed, "they probably just heard about you.."
"what's that meant to mean?"
"They just seem, I don't know proper, the things they heard about you probably don't fit in with there, ways"
"WHATS THAT MEANT TO MEAN? Whose saying stuff about me?"
" oh shut up, do pretend this is new, everyone talks about you."
I sat down on the bench next to her. "why? I only really have you as friend, im not so intresting.."
"yeah but the things you do are. In history the boys were gossiping about you in very graphic terms about what you got up to at Nates party last weekend.." she gave me that almost proud look that she shouldn't be giving me.
"I don't remember a thing" I smiled, she shook her head.
"that's my girl"

8:50am Tuesday

"Hurry Edward, we're gonna be late." Alice squeaked from the passenger seat.
"I haven't decided if I'm talking to you yet or not Alice."
"Oh come on Edward, like you didn't want to talk to her! She's gonna find out sooner or later.."
"Shes living a perfect normal life Alice we should keep it that way"
"Then why are we here? What's the point?"
"just to check she's okay."
The car fell quite for a long time.
"Did you hear what they were saying about her?" Bella said like she was gonna cry.
"That's nothing you should hear what there thinking.." Angry flooded through me.
"Do you really think shes like that?" Bella whispered.
"Renee said she'd change.." Alice looked out the window.
"I didn't think she meant.. that.. but I guess she's just a normal teenage.."