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Carlisle found a cure to slow Nessies aging to normal but they decided to hand her over to Renee to live a normal life. Nessie is now 17 and suddenly a mysterious Cullen family arrive in town.


2. Two

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11:20am Tuesday

"I'd like to introduce our new student to our music class, Mr Edward Cullen" Mr Baker said as all the girls swooned in their chairs. "What instrument do you play Mr Cullen?"
"Care to play us something?" Mr Baker said gesturing to the piano behind him, Edward looked like he was gonna resist when Mr Baker asks he isn't actually asking.
I want expecting, I'm pretty sure no one was, I could feel the girls in the back row swooning even harder, what he played was beautiful, I never wanted it to end but it did and he sat down and every girl couldn't stop being amazing, even the teacher looked like he had a little man crush going.

1:25pm Tuesday

"what do you have next little Bro?" Emmett said pounding up the hallway next me; he always seems to walk so heavy compared to me and jasper.
"Drama..." I felt kind of like stalker, I'd gotten myself into most of Nessie's classes, mostly because I like the ones she's picked but I chose Drama just so I could see what she's like. Bet a normal father wouldn't have to do that, but then again there's nothing normal about our family.
"Us too!" he said with a slap on both mine and jaspers back.
"cause we saw you were doing and we couldn't let you do it alone" jasper said with a smirk on his face.
"Then why did you ask?"
"Just making sure" he smiled. I know that wasn't the only reason they chose drama they chose it be in one of Nessie's classes like me and drama was the only one they could survive doing.
We walked into the drama room which was just a big open space with a concrete floor. Nessie was standing the talking to a woman in her late twenties who I assume to be the teacher. They both looked up, the teacher smiled at us.
"Oh damn it why do all the cute ones have to be so young" The teacher thought. I looked away; Emmett gave me a questioning look.
"Trust me, you guys don't want to know"
"oh trust me I can feel it..." jasper shuddered.
"Okay guys gather around" the teacher said "as most of you know I'm Ms Gunner I'm your drama teacher, now most of you know each other but we have some new students Edward, Jasper and Emmett. Now what we're doing is a task in pairs for now Emmett and Jasper how about you to go together and I'll explain what we're doing and Nessie seeing as your partner dropped out you can be Edwards partner and you can join with them later and just explain what we are doing, okay?"
Everyone broke off into pairs and Nessie started to walk towards me.
"Hey" she said, after all the things I'd heard about her (and I'd heard a lot) I was excepting for her to be out there or stuck up, but she had this sort of shyness to everything she did, just like her mum. I smiled at that.
"Hello "I said dragging the o out just a little too long.
"So what we're doing is fairly simple, we have to make up a performance idea or something and uh just later on put our ideas together with the other two and create a scene."
"uh I'm Nessie, by the way" she said putting out her hand. I softly chuckled.
"I'm Edward "
"I know you're in my English class and my media class and my music class which by the way you are very good at, what you played was just amazing."
"you like music?"
"Love it" she said so enthusiastically I thought her eyes would fall out of her head.
"What Instrument do you play?"
"Oh I sing, though I've always wanted to play the piano for some reason I just have a soft spot for classical music, I don't were I got it from my mum and dad hate it and so do my brothers."
"You don't say" I said with a smirk. "You have brothers?"
"Yeah one older, one younger. Pain in the ass." She laughed "what about you?"

"Oh I only have one sister one brother. Alice and Emmett. Jasper and Rosalie are twins. And my girlfriend Bella is from a whole other family. We are all adopted." I explain.
"Yeah I heard, I've met Alice yesterday after school and I have art with her next. She seems very nice and very... bubbly" she laughed.
"Yeah she can be a really pain to."
"aren't all siblings?"
I laughed "yeah guess so"

2:20pm Tuesday

Alice skipped right over to me when she arrived at art.
"Hey" she smiled
"this seat taken?"
"Of course not, sit down. I just had drama with your brothers Edward and Emmett... oh and Jasper your boyfriend right?"
"Yeah, did you get a chance to talk to any of them?"
"Mostly Edward, we got paired together for a task but I'll be working with the other two tomorrow"
"oh that's good."

3:50pm Tuesday

"Why did talk to her Alice? You shouldn't be talking to her Alice were meant to let her live a normal life Alice" Alice said in a very mocking tone as we pulled up in the drive way.
"Shut up Alice, we were paired together what was I supposed to say? No I don't want to be your partner? "
Carlisle walked into the garage as we got out of the car. "What's going on?"
Alice skipped pass both of us "nothing, just gloating."
Carlisle gave me a look I just shook my head and headed up to my room.

6:30pm Tuesday

Esme knocked on my door id heard her thinking about coming up here since I got home.
"Come in." I said putting my book down.
"Bella still at Charlies?"
"When was the last time she saw Jake?"
"Since we decided to give Nessie a normal life."
"Oh, so you spoke to her? Nessie?"
"Yeah I did?"
"How is she?"
"I don't know, she seems happy. She loves music, she sings and she loves drama... she hates being the middle child to two brothers but I can tell she loves them."
I could see the smiley growing on her face. "What else?"
"There's nothing really..."
"She'll be here this Friday though for the party." I said when I saw her smile fading.
"Really? Is that safe?" she said but I know she didn't care she just wanted to see her.
"Yeah why not. Alice said she said she was coming and plus her version of the party has little blurry patches."
"That's good, can't wait."

2:30am Wednesday.

"How's Charlie?
"His good, I hate that he got to see Nessie grow up and we didn't"
"he sent pictures."
"I know but..."
"when was the last time you heard from Jake?" I interrupted. Her face went still.
"A good few years... why? You miss him?" she mocked
"Kind of. Not the smell or anything or his snarky remarks. Or his lame jokes or the fact he never wears a shirt or..."
"What's you point here?" she cut me off
"Oh I just miss the way you were when you were around him... the was just a whole other side of happy to you."
She just looked away.
"You should ask what his doing this weekend... Friday partially... him and Seth... I will admit I miss that kid." I chuckled.
"I think that would just get on every ones nerves?"
"I already spoke to Esme about it every one kind of in a small way miss' have Jake around.."
"would that be safe if Nessie shows up?" she question.
"Bella you need to she Jake his your best friend."
"I know"