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Phases of the moon

Edward left, now Jacob did too. Bella had just went to the movies with jacob and he said he was sick. Everytime Bella wanted to see him, billy said no visitors. Now that jake is 'better' why is he still avoiding Bella? Bella can't take everyone leaving so she moves to Jacksonville with her mom. She makes a change, and comes to visit Charlie for chirstmas, who will she see, what will happen. ( Not a bellaxEdward story. It may seem like it, but it's not. Read and Review)

I don't own twilight.

3. 3

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( Jacob's POV)

Due to my hightened scenses I could here Bella singing. She was amazing, I think she was playing the gutiar. When I walked into the house Bella looked totally different. She was tan, her hair was longer, and she was wearing heels! Clumsy, Pale Bella, was now, super sexy, tan, grown up Bella. She was looking at her gutiar, she was starting to play a song, I didn't recongize it. I smiled, she was amazing, I wanted to just run up to her and hug her. She was still messing around with her gutiar when Charlie called her into the kitchen.

" Bells, come here.", Charlie called.

" Coming Dad!", she put the gutiar down, I had to control myself from looking at her as she walked away into the kitchen.

" What were you staring at Jake?", my dad whispered. I blushed, I walked into the kitchen pushing my dad's wheelchair.

" Ok Bella, which one do you like better?", charlie was messing around. She was laughing so hard tears were coming from her eyes. Charlie was wearing an apron that said ' Ladies man' and he was holding one that said ' I'm probably burning my soup'.

" Dad, why do you have those? You look ridiculous! Besides, I am the one whose cooking.", she wiped her eyes and checked the oven. The food smelled wonderful. I was still staring at bella, she was seriously hot.

" Jake, do you need help with something? Look whos here Bells.", well charlie saw me staring at her, how embarassing is that.

" Hey Bella.", I smiled. When she looked into my eyes it was like I was a blind man seeing the sun for the first time. Suddenly the world made sense. I wasnt held to earth by gravity anymore, it was Bella who held me here. She took center stage in my mind. I would be whatever she needed. I would always be there for her. I couldn't do anything but fall to my knees. She made me weak, but it was a good weak, the kind you have when you're in love. My heart was racing, the only thing I could think of was bella.

" Jake! Are you okay?", She ran over to me. Her face was just inches from mine now. Her chocolate brown eyes, were so beautiful. They showed me, that she felt the same as me.

" Ya, I am perfect. I um I have to talk to sam. I'll be back soon.", I touched her cheek and ran out of the house. It felt easier to phase, Bella was running through my mind the whole time. I reached sam's house in no time at all.

" Sam! We need to talk!", I didn't bother knocking.

" Jacob, what is it? Is something wrong?", he was worried.

" No nothings wrong, the exact opposite actually. I imprinted, she's the most amazing beautiful girl in the whole world.", I gushed.

" Congrats Jacob. Who is she? Have you told her the secret yet?"

" No I haven't, you know her. It's Isabella Swan.", I smiled ear to ear.

" Really? Bella?", he laughed.

" Yes, what's wrong with that?", I growled.

" You already told her the secret. Remember, at first beach?", he laughed only this time I laughed with him.