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Phases of the moon

Edward left, now Jacob did too. Bella had just went to the movies with jacob and he said he was sick. Everytime Bella wanted to see him, billy said no visitors. Now that jake is 'better' why is he still avoiding Bella? Bella can't take everyone leaving so she moves to Jacksonville with her mom. She makes a change, and comes to visit Charlie for chirstmas, who will she see, what will happen. ( Not a bellaxEdward story. It may seem like it, but it's not. Read and Review)

I don't own twilight.

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( Bella's POV)

It had been one month since Jake and I imprinted. It's been the best month of my life, I spent almost everyday with Jacob. Today was a day he wasn't with me. He had to do his wolf duties. I went to the mailbox and found an ivitation.

' Dear Charlie and Isabella Swan,

You are coridally invited to the wedding of

Mary Alice Brandon Cullen


Jasper Gunner Whitlock Hale

The wedding will be at The cullen house, at four pm

February 14, 2012

Hope you attend,

The Cullens and the Hales'

I had just gotten an ivitation to my ex-best friend's wedding. I hadn't even known they were back in town. I didn't love Edward anymore so I decided I could go.

Jake was fine with Charlie and I going. He said he trusted me and the Cullen's already talked to him. He said he made sure not to think about our imprint. I smiled, Alice really was my best friend, Even if her brother left me heartbroken out in the woods. I hadn't actually talked to Alice, Charlie RSVP'd I didn't have the courage to. I knew I couldn't bring Jake, but I wished I could.

Jake had come by earlier to give me flowers and a teddy bear, seeing as it was February 14, Valentine's day.

" Miss Swan, will you be my valentine?", he got on one knee holding a box of conversation hearts up to me. I laughed.

" Why yes Mr. Black, I would love to be your valentine.", I pulled him up and kissed him. We kissed for a long time, then I realized it was two pm and I had to get ready for the wedding. I sighed and he smiled.

" I'll leave you so you may get dressed. I am coming over around seven, so be home by then.", he kissed my cheek and left.

I had recently gone tanning so my skin was of couse tan. Not like Jacob's, but like you've just gone on vacation. I wore a light blue half thigh length spagehtii strap dress, with black heels. Thank god I was no longer clumsy. I grabbed my Jacket and Charlie and I headed to the Cullen's.

" Bells, are you sure you can do this?", my dad asked.

" Ya, she's my best friend dad. I love her like a sister no matter what. Plus, I love Jake.", I smiled thinking in less than three hours I would be with him.

" Are you two going out tonight? It's valentines day soo...", he trailed off.

" Yes dinner and a movie I think.", I laughed.

" Alright, well, we're here. Let's go inside.", he got out of the car and I followed. My cell phone buzzed and I could guess who it was,

Can't wait to see you tonight Bella- Jakey

Neither can I, I am counting down the minutes till I see you- Bells

I love you, see you soon- Jakey

I love you too- Bells

I put my phone back into my purse and followed my dad into the house. I was immediately assulted in a tight bear hug by none other than Emmett.

" Bella! It's great to see you!", he squeezed tighter.

" Em, I need to breath.", I squeeked. He immediately let my go and apologized.

" Oh my gosh! You aren't pale! You are wearing heels!", Emmett exclaimed. Rosalie decended down the stairs and gave me a small smile.

" Alice is asking to see you. Come with me, just don't trip up the stairs.", Rose laughed, it wasnt a mean laugh. It was a joking laugh. I followed her up the stairs and we stopped in front of alices room. The door opened and there stood alice.

" Bella! I'm so glad you came. I was so worried, ever since last month I haven't been able to get visions of you. I was sc-", her mouth dropped as she really looked at me. How much I changed.

" Alice! What?", I never saw a vampire go into shock.

" You... Are... not.... pale, and you're wearing heels and a dress. What happened to you?", she asked.

" After you left I broke down. Jake then left me and I decided to change. I lived in jacksonville with my mother and I just came back a month ago. I now go tanning and work out. I don't want to be a clumy girl anymore.", I justified myself.

" Wow!", she breathed.

" I know, now let's get this show on the road shall we. I am going downstairs, and you are going to walk down the aisle.", I gave her a hug then went downstairs. I sat next to charlie. The ceremony lasted and hour and flowed nicely into the reception. I could feel someone's eyes on me. I looked around and found who it was. None other than the famous Edward Cullen. He walked over to me.

" Bella, I'm so so-", I cut him off.

" Don't, I'm over it. I don't want to talk about it. It's the past, let's leave it in the past.", I argued.

" If you wish.", he nodded.

" Do you know the time?", I asked.

" Ya, it's six o'clock.", he looked at his watch. It was that late already! I had to get ready for my date with Jake.

" Where are you going?", Edward asked.

" Look, I have to go. Thanks, I am going to go tell Alice congrats and then I've got to get home.", i walked away finding alice talking to esme.

" Hey, I've got to get going. Congradulations alice.", I gave her a hug.

" Where are you going? Why do you have to leave?", she frowned.

" Alice, it's Frebruary fourteenth. I have some... Plans", I said.

" Plans? As in a date?", she accused.

" Yes, a date. I am over Edward, I can only think of him as a brother now.", I admitted.

" Wow, you really have changed. Do I get to know who this man is?", she questioned.

" Nope, just that, I love him. I really really love him. A thousand times more than Edward.", I decided to be honest.

" Well have fun, I want to hang out sometime though. I still think of you as a sister.", she smiled at me.

" Thanks alice. I sill think of you as a sister also. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go.", I said goodbye to esme then walked to my car. Charlie's friend was taking him home so I could be with Jake.