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Phases of the moon

Edward left, now Jacob did too. Bella had just went to the movies with jacob and he said he was sick. Everytime Bella wanted to see him, billy said no visitors. Now that jake is 'better' why is he still avoiding Bella? Bella can't take everyone leaving so she moves to Jacksonville with her mom. She makes a change, and comes to visit Charlie for chirstmas, who will she see, what will happen. ( Not a bellaxEdward story. It may seem like it, but it's not. Read and Review)

I don't own twilight.

6. 6

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( Bella's POV)

" Ok Bella, you can open your eyes now.", Jake comanded.

" Wow Jake, this is.....", I couldn't even find a word to describe how perfect it was. He set up a picnic on the beach next to a bonfire. There were a bunch of people celebrating valentines day along the shore. The people cleared out quickly because it was starting to get cold. Luckily I had jake who had a temprature of one hundred and eight degrees. I cuddled with him while we ate. He cleared his throat and pulled me up to my feet.

" Isabella Swan, this morning I asked you to be my valentine. But that's not what I want.", Jake got on one knee.

" I know we haven't been dating a long time. I want alot more than for you to just be my girlfriend. I asked your father's permission, and he gave it to me. So, Isabella Marie Swan, will you make me the happiest guy on earth and marry me?", He held up the ring and I was crying. I couldn't find my voice so I nodded. He smiled put the ring on my finger and pulled me into a really tight hug, bu I didn't mind. In this moment I loved him so much.

" I love you Jake.", I buried my face in his shirt.

" I love you too bells.", he kissed the top of my head. We went back to my house and nobody was home. I took Jake to my room and things went from there, so you shoud know what we did.

It was noon and there was a knock on my door.

" Come on in!", I shouted. Alice used vampire speed to get to me.

" Aren't you supposed to be on your honeymoon?", I laughed.

" Jazz and I are waiting until summer for that. So, how was the date?", Alice squeeled.

" Well I don't have a boyfriend anymore.", I sighed, trying to trick her.

" What! I thought you said you loved him!", she shouted.

" Ya that's why I said yes when he asked to marry me. He isn't my boyfirend, he's my fiance.", I smiled at alice's shocked face.

" Bella's getting married! Wow, who knew this day would come?", she sighed.

" What's that supposed to mean?", I laughed.

" I always thought oyu would refuse to get married, even with Eddie Boy. Um Bella, why do you have musical instruments here?", she asked confused.

" When I moved I had to find a way to keep my self entertained. I learned to play the gutiar and Piano, I'll show you sometimes. Everyone says I am really good, but I don't think so.", I blushed.

" Come to my house! We have a piano, you could bring your gutiar.", she suggested.

" I don't know, it's kinda weird. Not many people have heard me play and sing.", I couldn't believe she wanted me to do this.

" Please Bella! I am begging you!", she pulled her pouty lip and I couldn't resist.

" Fine! Stupid evil pixie.", I mumbled grabbing my gutiar and coat and heading to her car.

" So, who is your fiance?", Alice asked.

" You won't like him.", I shook my head.

" It doesn't matter if I like him. As long as you like him, so who is he?", She asked again.

" Jacob Black, and we're imprinted.", Her face went blank.

" Bella, he's a werewolf. He's dangerous, you promised Edward nothing reckless or stupid.", alice looked at me.

" Alice, I broke that the minute he left, I wandered in the woods looking for him. It wouldn't matter if I had gotten hurt because I couldn't feel anything. I was a living corpse. The first week, I wouldnt eat or drink. I had nightmares everynight. I am better because of Jake. You left me too, i forgave you. I love Jake, please don't say anything stupid and don't tell your brother. He will have an overeaction. I am safe with Jake. Trust me.", I was almost crying.

" Sorry Bella, so have you two.. you know... yet.", Alice was trying to hold back a smile.

" Yes actually, last night. What about you alice?", I laughed knowing she's done it many times. Alice just laughed. We reached her house then, I grabbed my stuff and we headed inside.

" Hey Bellsy! What are you doing here?", Emmett grabbed me for a hug.

" i convinced her to come play her gutiar for us! She can play the piano too!", Alice yelled.

" Really! It isn't enough you are tan and not clumsy, and pretty sexy if I do say so myself, but know you have a musical talent.", Emmett laughed.

" I don't think I'm that good, but Jake and my dad do.", I smiled and blushed. Edward walked down the stairs.

" What's going on?", he asked.

" Your ex is going to show us her musical talent because Alice probably pulled her pouty lip.", Emmett laughed again.

" Got that right she did.", I mumbled. " Ok Alice pick one of the songs I showed you.", I handed her the paper again.