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Deja Vu

AU-Post BD: The Cullens are back in Forks when Renesmee encounters a new student. Who is she? What does her appearance mean for the Cullens? More importantly, why are they all suddenly feeling a familiar sense of Deja Vu? Canon Pairings/Multiple POV

Well this is just a little idea I came up with and decided to try and turn it into a medium length story. I always write about Bella and Edward on FF. So thought I'd give an Alice and Jasper story a try for a little change, and post it on here as well. The story will have similar themes to twilight, but with no stupid wolves (So no Jacob imprinting on Nessie, YAY), Alice is human, and Jasper's story of how he came to be a Cullen is slightly different, but that all part of the story and will be revealed in due course. However I can assure you the plot will differ greatly from the original as the story proceeds. Also I can't remember Alice's parents names I'm not even sure if the books told you them, so I'm calling them Marie and Martin. Sorry I know it’s probably incorrect, but I do know Cynthia was her human sister's name.

1. Fresh Start

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Alice POV.
My mother and I had just collected our luggage at Seattle airport, and made our way to the new car, as she'd sold the old one, as it was just another reminder as she so delicately put it.

When we arrived in the parking lot the silver Volkswagen Sirocco, my mother had arranged to be waiting for us, was sitting there gleaming, with a huge bow tied around it as if it was a gift. Not a chance, she'd probably spent a fortune on her latest impulse buy, making good cause of the huge divorce settlement she'd received from my father, because of his success with the biggest newspaper in NYC.

As I dumped my bags in the trunk, I dreaded the two hours I'd be stuck in the car with her for, and decided to grab my iPod from the minimalist amount of things we'd brought with us by hand. The rest would be delivered at our new house, by a New York haulage firm tomorrow.

I made my way into the front seat just before my mother. As she arrived she excitedly exclaimed ''So this is Washington kid''. I groaned inwardly.

I love my mother Marie dearly; she is my mom after all. But it's like she's just never grown up, she's like a forty year old teenager.
It's like she seems to think everything will just go away by acting this way, almost as if by being young and carefree again, she can change the past. I can barely remember what she was like once upon a time before...Cynthia left us.

It feels like so long ago yet it was only 3 years, and it tore my parent’s marriage apart, now this is what brings us here.

Mom interrupted me from my thoughts by trying to make awkward conversation, by pointing out the things that had changed from when she was last here.

We were headed for Fork's, the sleepy little town my mom grew up in, where nothing exciting ever happened and it constantly rained. I knew I was going to hate it, I'd miss my dad, I'd miss my friend's, but never as much as I miss my sister, nothing can compare to that.

At this point, I decided to block out any more awkward conversations by putting my iPod on and leaving my mom to reminisce silently to herself. The first song on the playlist was Leona Lewis Yesterday, and as I listened to the lyrics...

They can take the future, and the plans we made.

They can take the music that we said we would play.

All the broken dreams take everything, just take it away.

But they can never have yesterday.

They can take the future that we'll never know.

They can take the places that we said we would go.

All the broken dreams take everything, just take it away.

But they can never have yesterday.

...my mom was no longer the only one reminiscing....


I was back in my bed in my bedroom of our New York penthouse, I recognised it immediately from the pale pink decor, and the bundles of that season's clothes lying everywhere, I was addicted to shopping, what can I say?.

I was thrashing around and moaning in my sleep. Next second I was wide awake, screaming and with my back covered in sweat. My father came rushing into my room telling me not to worry; it was just a bad dream. It had felt so vivid though, my mom and Cynthia, in a car with a huge truck skidding across the highway towards them, and nowhere for them to go. It was heading straight for my beautiful sister's side of the car that was when I woke up. I didn't tell my dad about it though; I didn't want to relive it.

I knew what this memory was, it was my dream, and I can remember it all too clearly. It was the night before the fateful day; if only I'd known then it was a premonition and not a dream.

The next memory came flooding into my head, before I could think anymore.

I was sitting by the huge plasma screen TV in the lounge, and mom and Cynthia came in. My eleven year old sister meant more to me than anything in the world; we were like carbon copies, except Cynthia was a miniature version of me.

She was dressed in a white and navy sailor style outfit, with white ankle socks and navy pumps, she looked so adorable. Her black hair the same shade as my own, although just in a more childlike style, as it hung by her shoulders.

They announced they were heading to the mall, and asked if I wanted to join them, but being on my period, even shopping didn't sound fun, so I refused.

The next memory came flooding on me, even though I didn't want to remember this particular one.

I was curled up on the couch with ice-cream, watching a Friends box set in my pyjamas, and hadn't even noticed night-time had almost fallen, and that everyone had been gone for hours. Then as the door opened I looked up to see my dad, and looked to the clock on the wall. He was never home as early as 7pm, something must be wrong. My suspicions were even further aroused, when two police officers followed him through the door and into the lounge.

"Alice honey, we need to talk, can you put the TV off", he said through choked tears. “Sure dad, what’s up", I asked, praying I didn’t get the answer I was expecting, yet dreading at the same time.

He pushed back the tears and told me the story, something to do with a skidding truck, crashing into the car, on the way to the mall. I can't remember the details; I must have blocked them out. All I know is my sister, my beautiful little sister was gone, and I'd never see her again, and my mother was in hospital.

I felt my dad cradle me in his arms as I broke down, we didn't say anything just cried.

As I sat in my father’s arms I remembered my dream again. I hadn't realised this morning they'd been wearing the same clothes as they had in my dream, but they were, and now Cynthia's gone, and I could have prevented it. I could have prevented it. I could have prevented it.

I came back to myself as my memories began to mock me, but there was no denying they were right. If only I'd known then that it wasn't a dream but a premonition, and I could have told them not to leave that day, and then Cynthia would still be here, and my mom and dad would still be together, and I wouldn't be sad, but happy at home in NYC.

After mom's divorce was finalised, she decided this was what we both needed, a fresh start. I however defined it as running from the past. There's no point though, the past can't be erased, and I know because I've tried, all I know is the future can be undone...

And now we're here...

So guys that was the first chapter, what did you think? Please review and let me know. I really wanted to try something different from my usual, so this is it, and I haven’t tried before, so any feedbacks gratefully appreciated.

I don't own the song either; it was Yesterday by Leona Lewis...

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