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Everlasting love

I suck at summeries, so read the title. Good, now Eddie and Bella new eachother as humans, they loved eachother, Edward ' Died ' of the spanish influenza. A week later Bella is changed, it's now the year 2012 and they are meeting again.

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight.

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( Bella's POV)

" I don't care if we are only seventeen. I love you Isabella, I am asking your father for your hand in marriage.", Edward's green eyes were so beautiful in the moonlight.

" I know you do, but Edward, he hates you." I laughed. He touched my cheek. Edward's family and my family were the two richest families in town. I loved chicago, the year was 1918. Edward was seventeen, I was sixteen. My birthday was in september and it was currently August.

" I want to be with you Isabella. As long as I live, whether that's one more day or 0ne hundred more years. If you don't want to marry me I will understand.", he looked away.

" Edward, of course I want to marry you. I want to be with you, have a family with you. You are the only one I will ever want. I love you.", he smiled triumphently. He leened down and kissed me.

" I am going now, I don't want to waist another minute.", he grinned and took off towards my home. I went to a friends house. My friend was very happy for edward and I, she thought we were the cutest couple.

( Edward's POV)

I was nervous knocking on my soon to be wifes front door. I gathered the courage and knocked. Not two minutes later there stood my fair Isabella's father.

" Mr. Swan, if you wouldn't mind I would like to have a talk with you.", I saw respectably.

" Sure Edward, come in.", he gestured into the den and we sat down on the couch.

" Mr. Swan, I love your daughter Isabella very much.", I stated.

" I can tell, though you two do seem to be getting serious. Please tell me she isn't pregnant.", his eyes were wide.

" No I assure you sir, she is definetly not pregnant. Sir, I would like your permission to ask your daughter for her hand in marriage. I know we are young, but I- I love her immensly so, and I want to start living my life with her. Will you please give me your permission. I am sorry to be rude but even if you don't I am asking her. i love her more than my own life already. I used to think it was all about going and fighting in the war, but then your daughter came along and stole my heart. That's when I learned life isnt about war its about love. I really want to marry your daughter sir.", I said this all so fast I was out of breath by the time I finished.

" Are you sure Edward? I don't want my daughter's heartbroken. You two are still very young. But if you really feel the way you just said.... Edward Mason, welcome to the family.", We stood up and Mr. Swan gave me a hug. I rushed out of the house, I went to bella's friend Angela's house and sure enough I found Bella.

" Isabella!", I yelled to get her attention.

" Edward, hello!", she gave me a quick kiss and blushed. I wasted no time, immediately I got down on one knee.

" Isabella Marie Swan, I have asked your father's permission, he gave it to me. So, Isabella, will you please make me the happiest man on earth and marry me?", I basically begged.

" Yes Edward! I love you so much!", I put the ring on her finger and kissed her passionatly.

" We must get home, I'll walk you. A lady shouldn't have to walk home alone at night, especially one of your beauty.", I said, she blushed. Her Blushing was one of my favorite things in the world other than her gorgous chocolate brown eyes.

( Bella's POV)

It was fianaly the day. Edward and I would be married by the time the sun set. Soon I would be Isabella Marie Masen. I loved the sound of my soon to be name. I was very nervous though. My mother was already crying and I wasn't even his wife yet. Fianally I heard the music begin and my dad walked over to me.

" I love you Isabella, always remember that.", a tear came from the corner of his eye.

" I love you too daddy, but I love edward, let's go.", I laced my arm through his arm and we began to walk. Before I knew it I could see Edward. I immediately smiled as did he. His eyes were the stunning green thay I loved, and I could tell he tried to tame his bronze hair that always reminded me of bed head.

The wedding was perfect, soon we were both saying I do and crying.Yes that's right Edward was crying. Everyone applauded when he kissed me. I didn't want the moment to end. I love him so much, yet no time would be long enough to be with him. We had bought our own house but hadn't moved into it yet. We were going there right after the wedding.

We got to the house and he picked me up bridal style and walked through the door and didn't stop until we reached our room and were on the bed.

Edward and I had been married for five months the the influenza hit. My parents were gone, Edward's father was gone and his mother was on the verge of death. Edward, the man I loved was also on his death bed. Dr. Cullen told me to say my goodbyes now, Edward wasn't going to make it.

" Edward, I love you so much. I don't want you to leave me.", I cried.

" Isabella, don't cry. I love you, you should go home. I don't want you to see me like this.", he put his cold hand on my cheek.

" In sickness and in health remember?", I laughed and he laughed too. I said goodbye and left. I spent the entire night in our room crying. I was begging god he wouldn't take Edward away from me.

I went back to the hospital the next day. Carlisle Cullen, Edward's doctor walked up to me.

" I am very sorry Isabella, he passed last night.", he couldn't even look at me. I started sobbing, I loved Edward so much. My parents were dead and now Edward was too. I had nothing to live for anymore. I went home and didn't leave my room for a week. I had barely slept, I barely ate.

Edward died a week ago. I had just heard screams outside in the forest. I couldn't jus tignore them so I went looking. Before I knew it I was in the dirt writhing in pain. I think it was three days and I woke up. I could hear everything, smell everything and see everything with hightened sences. It was amazing, except for the not that was left with me.

Dearest Isabella,

I know you are wondering what happened. Well, you are a vampire.

No this is not a joke. You can either feed off animals or humans. I

prefer not to be a monster and live off animals. To make sure you

don't harm anyone, stay in the forest. Never cross paths with humans

until you are absolutely ready. Good luck,


I didn't want to be a monster, so I went looking for some animals. The blood felt amazing, though it had a slightly repeling taste. I could live with it though. This was my second chance at life, I knew I would live it to an extent.

( Edward's POV)

It had been a year since Carlisle transformed me. I now had a control over my bloodlust so I went to chicago for my wife.

" Excuse me, do you know where Isabella Masen is?", I was looking at my wedding ring on my right hand. I never took it off, not even while hunting.

" Isabella? Poor girl, her husband died and she was a wreck. A week after his passing she went missing, nobody has seen her since.", the man looked disgruntled. My sweet Isabella was gone, and it was all my fault.