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Everlasting love

I suck at summeries, so read the title. Good, now Eddie and Bella new eachother as humans, they loved eachother, Edward ' Died ' of the spanish influenza. A week later Bella is changed, it's now the year 2012 and they are meeting again.

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight.

2. 2

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( Bella's POV)

Today was my 111th birthday. Wow, I was old. I had been a nomad my whole immortal life. Seeing mated vampires brought the pain of losing Edward back. I was now moving to Forks washington. I was enrolled in high school and had a house of my own. If any teachers asked, my parents died when I was fifteen and I didn't want to be in foster care so I was emancipated. I lived on my own. I had built the house, it was beautiful. I couldn't wear my wedding and engagment ring to school so I wore them on a gold chain necklace. I would be a Junior, I hated highschool but it was something to do. I got in my red ferrari and headed to forks high.

I got into the tiny office and walked to the old lady at the desk.

" Can I help you dear?", she asked sweetly.

" Um yes, I am new here. My name is Isabella Mas- Swan. Isabella Swan.", I hated using my maiden name. I loved being Isabella Masen. I prefered being called Bella by everyone, there was only one person who was aloud to call me Isabella, and he was dead. The lady at the desk handed me my schedule, I looked at it.

First Period- Government Building 6 Mr. Andrews

Second Period- English Building 2 Miss Jansen

Third period- Triginometry Building 8 Mr. Wallas.

Fourth Period- Study hall, Library Mr. Andrews

Fifth period- History, building 5 Mrs. Renolds


Sixth period- Biology building 4 Mr. Banner

Seventh period- Gym, the gym, Coach Clapp

At least all my classes were advanced except study hall. I thanked the office lady and went to my ferarri and pulled into the student parking lot. My car was the nicest car there, the second nicest car was a silver volvo. There were five kids surounding it. One was a pixie like girl, very short with black spikey hair. The other two girls were blondes, they both looked like supermodels. There was a guy who was very muscley with curly black hair. The Last kid was a blonde guy who looked about eighteen or nineteen and looked like he was in pain. Their eyes were all honey gold just like mine, and their skin was just as pale. I instantly knew what they were, they were vampires. I pick the one place in the country that I can go outside alot and there are more vampires here. Why did my life have to be so horrible?

My first classed passed by fairly quickly, but the second was hell. I had the short pixie vampire in that class. Not to mention the teacher made me introduce myself.

" I'm Isabella Swan. But if you call me isabella I will punch you. It's Bella, I started going by Bella after my parents died. I like cars and I have a red ferarri.", I glared at the teacher and sat down.

" Hello Bella. I'm Alice! Alice Cullen.", she held out her hand. I ignored it and just nodded. My throat burned slightly and venom filled my mouth, an automatic reaction from being around humans. I would hunt tonight, I hadn't hunted in a week and it got worse day by day. The bell rang and I ran at human speed out the door. It didn't help that the big muscley vampire pulled me into an empty hallway.

" What are you doing here?", he growled.

" Trying not to be a nomad for once in my life. I am one hundred and eleven years old and I have never stayed in one place. I chose forks, seeing as it has no sun. I'm Bella, you are?", I hissed.

" Emmet, Emmett Cullen. You should meet my family, do you really live alone? No mate, no family?", I flinched when he said mate.

" I live with no one. I can't get over my love from nineteen eighteen. I will always love him, I died the day he did. Not changed, but I wouldn't do anything but cry in my room. I changed a week after he died, I awoke alone, with nothing but a note saying what I had become.", I grabbed the rings on my necklace, not tightly though, I didn't want to break them.

" How old are you? Physically I mean.", Emmett asked.

" I am seventeen. I got married, I loved him so much. Knowing the man I love is dead, it hurts worse than the change.", I would be crying if I could.

" I don't know what I'd do if Rosalie died. I'd probably go crazy. Do you want to sit with my family and I at lunch?", he smiled kindly.

" Thanks but no thanks. I prefer to be a loner, If I got close to anyone and they left, I don't think I'd be able to live. By the way I am a mental shield, I can protect my mind from any mental power. Do you have any talent?", I asked

" Oh, cool. Um no, but I'm really stong.", he smiled.

" Well, I have to go. Class just started and I'm going to be late on my first day. Goodbye, please tell your family not to talk to me. I'll meet your coven leaders to work something out about hunting, but other than that I want to be a loner.", I walked away. Emmett ran over to me at the end of the day and handed me a phone number.

" It's my father's phone number. He wants to meet right now. Is that alright?", Emmett practically begged.

" Um, sure. Let's go, I need to hunt. I have problems sometimes, don't worry, I've never exposed myself.", I winked. We headed to the cullen house. Us in my ferarri, the volvo was gone. As soon as I was in the car I put my wedding and engagment ring back on. Before I knew it I was parked in the cullen's driveway.