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Everlasting love

I suck at summeries, so read the title. Good, now Eddie and Bella new eachother as humans, they loved eachother, Edward ' Died ' of the spanish influenza. A week later Bella is changed, it's now the year 2012 and they are meeting again.

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight.

4. 4

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( Edward's POV)

I looked at the rings in my hand. These were the rings I had given Isabella Swan as humans. My Isabella was a vampire. No, she wasn't my Isabella anymore. She'd lived over 90 years without me. I loved Tanya now

" Who was she Edward?", Tanya took my hand.

" Someone I was very close to when I was human. Carlisle had told her I was dead from the spanish influenza. She probably is mad because would never say goodbye like it was the end.", I shrugged trying to lie to Tanya was hard.

( Bella's POV)

The door opened and a blonde, not the one from the woods but the other one, walked in.

" Sorry for intruding. I'm Rosalie Cullen, Emmett's wife. Do you mind if I aske you some personal questions?", I shook her head.

" It's okay. Go ahead and ask away.", I smiled slightly.

" Before you were changed, what was your full name?", I knew she was asking for my name after I was married.

" Isabella Marie Swan Masen.", I couldn't look at her face.

" So you were married before you were changed?"

" Yes"

" What year were you changed?"

" nineteen eighteen, a week after my husband died.", I knew what question was coming next.

" What was your husband's name?", She made me look her in the eyes.

" Edward Anthony Masen Junior. We met when I was fifteen, he had just turned sixteen.We married after I turned seventeen. The day he ' died' was the worst day of my life. The pain I felt, was worse that the change.", I averted my eyes.

" What city were you changed in?", I knew she knew my edward was her brother.

" Chicago.", I smiled at the memories.

" So my brother....", she trailed off.

" Your brother is my husband. No he's my ex- husband. I gave him the rings back. I need to move on, I can't live here alone anymore. Because it will hurt me to much to just watch him with someone else. I couldn't be around mated vampires, it brought back all the memories of Edward and I. I'm a loner because I don't want to get close to someone and have them disapear or die on me.", I said.

" What's your happiest memory with him?", she smiled at me.

" The day we got married. Edward was never a man to cry, but that day, he did. He told me I saved him, he said before me his heart belonged to the war. But then I came along and stole it, and it changed his perspective on life. We would talk about our kids that we would have. Our dog that would be our son's best friend. We talked about how when our daughter got married, we would cry together and realize she would be just as happy as we were. Before he asked my father to propose, he told me he wanted to be with me, whether it was for one more day or a hundred more years. Turns out it was only five months.", I held back a sob.

" Why don't you go by Isabella anymore.", she raised her eyebrow.

" I loved it when Edward called me Isabella. He's the only one I would let call me that except for my mother and father. I couldn't take hearing my full name anymore so I go by Bella now.", I answered her.

" Earlier, you were wearing two rings. Are they your wedding and engagement rings?", she looked down at my hand.

" Ya they were. I found Edward and his...... mate in the forest. She pinned me to the ground, I kicked her off, your brother pinned me up against a tree and I gave him the rings back then came home. I can't stay in Forks, it's to hard for me already. I think I'm going to head back to Chicago. Use the same excuse I used here, my parents died when I was fifteen and I didn't want to be put into the foster care system so I got emancipated. Tell- tell Carlisle I'm sorry for my..... tantrum. I'll be gone by the morning.", I sighed.

" Bella, don't leave. Just because you have pain, doesn't mean you can always run away from it. Be happy that Edward is happy. I'm sure he'd give you the same curtesy.", she smiled.

" Rosalie, you have Emmett. I- I've lived on my own for the past one hundred and eleven years. It's not pain I'm running away from, it's my past. I can't bear to look at Edward with another girl, he was my Romeo and in the end, I died and he didn't come with me. He moved on, like I should have. Knowing I was still loving a man who was with another woman, breaks my heart. I have to leave, maybe I'll get lucky and find my mate, maybe I'll spend the rest of eternity alone because I was to late. I have to leave, I'm sorry.", I turned away and walked into my bathroom.