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No matter what I do I will always go back to him and he will always let me. Because I am a boomerang, and I always return to sender. A story of Edward and Bella's tumultuous relationship.Photobucket


3. To Be Young

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Chapter 3

To Be Young

I hug the pillow tighter when I feel someone shaking me. I groan and try to ignore them, hoping they’ll just go away but no such luck. Persistent motherfucker. I sit up, my eyes not opening yet. "Fuck!" I hear Jacob curse.

"Watch your mouth," I groan and rub my eyes. "It’s too fucking early to swear." But I finally open my eyes and get it. "Fuck." It’s never too early to swear. I grab the pillow and hold it up to my bare chest, an uneasy smile settling on my face. I do not appreciate being woken up less than an hour after falling asleep. And flashing the underage neighbor kid isn’t good either.

He finally tears his vision away from me and stares at the floor, kicking idly. "I, uh, ummm… school." He stutters, licking his lips. "You need to-to-to call. Tell them I-I’m not coming. I got the boobs-" his eyes grow wide and his cheeks turn a bright shade of crimson. He’s so adorable. I smirk and raise my eyebrow. "Flu!" He corrects himself quickly. "Tell them I got the flu."

I shake my head and laugh. "It’s not like it’s the first time you’ve seen boobs before."

"Not yours!" he shouts and I pull the sheet up to cover myself some more and throw the pillow at him. "And just fake ones," he holds his hands out, as if he’s grabbing an invisible pair in front of him, "like not real ones. Well, some of them I’m sure were real. But just in pictures. Not the real thing. Not in your face up close and personal kind…" I keep laughing as he continues to ramble about boobs. "Fuck! You get what I’m saying." He finally stops and turns around and walks out of my room, slamming the door.

I quickly pull my hair back in a claw clip and throw on jeans and a T-shirt then call Jacob’s school pretending to be his mother then make my way out to find Jacob making French toast. "Aren’t you tired?" I ask through a yawn as I sit at the table.

"Not everyone sleeps twelve hours every night." He rolls his eyes.

"I get the same amount of sleep as you, just at a different time." I nod, sipping the glass of orange juice he poured for me. It’s kind of nice having the kid around. He puts a plate of food in front of me and I pick at it. I’m not much of a breakfast eater; I usually sleep until after noon but this is nice.

He continues to make small talk and I finally notice he’s got some music playing in the background and I can’t help but smile as his sweet voice fills my head. "Hmmm?" He asks with a mouthful.

"Nothing." I shake my head. "Just the music."

"Oh. Well, you said you were friends with them so I figured I should listen. Maybe learn something about them." He shrugs. "You seemed pretty upset about it all last night so I figured… I don’t know. You got to have someone watch your back." I roll my eyes and throw some food at him. Sure it’s weird that he’s a decade younger than me but I’ve never had a friend be this… caring. My smile grows then quickly turns to a laugh as the next song begins. "What now?"

"Just the song." I shrug. "It reminds me of…" I trail off but his pleading eyes force me to finish. "It reminds me of the first time I met Edward."

He listens for a second then looks to me. "Sounds like it could be a good story."

"It is." I nod, getting up and putting my dishes in the kitchen. "Maybe I’ll tell you all about in a few years."

"That good of a story?" He nods curiously. He waits for an answer but I don’t give him one. "How bad can it be?" He pauses again but I keep silent. "Come on, I’ve already seen your boobs so what else could there be to shock me?"

"Plenty." I smirk and turn up the music before walking into my office and sitting on the stool in front of a blank canvas.




It was two weeks until the end of my junior year of high school and as usual, my aunt and uncle were out of town and a party was forming at the house. I didn’t know half of the people that showed up but it didn’t matter, I liked being surrounded by people. It made me feel like maybe someone actually cared. All those people surround me, someone had to care. Or at least it was nice to pretend for a few hours. People didn’t like me because I had a great personality or because I was even remotely likeable, they liked me because I had the best parties, because I had the most money, because I had the biggest name. No one ever really cared about me.

The party was half over, I was more than half drunk and Jasper still hadn’t shown up. He had rehearsal with the band he was playing with. He’d filled in for them for over a month before they finally asked him to join. I still hadn’t met them. He was being very secretive about it. I never understood why. I never thought I was the kind of friend you kept secret. I was the one everyone bragged about knowing.

"Hey," a voice shouted from behind. I turned around to see Jasper and two other guys standing behind them. I wrapped my arms around him and he spun me around.

"Hey." I nodded in acknowledgement of the band. They just nodded and mumbled some responses. Jasper introduced me to everyone knowing that it would be pointless, I was already buzzed. I nodded and tried to remember their names… Edward and Emmett. Two shouldn't be too bad to remember. But a few more drinks and it would just be hopeless. "Beer’s…everywhere. Make yourselves at home." I smiled and finished my drink and offered to get drinks for everyone else. They all nodded and I asked for help, but Jasper was suddenly engrossed in what my cousin, Angela, had to say and I rolled my eyes. Edward stepped forward and followed me inside. "So, Eddie…" I spoke in a gentle slur as I sized him up. He was by far the most attractive man I had laid eyes on. And it wasn’t all because of the alcohol. He had radiant green eyes that seemed to look deep into your soul. Perfectly tousled bronze locks. A magnificent build; sleek and athletic body below an angelic face.

"Edward," he corrected me quickly. I shrugged, filling a plastic cup and handing it to him. "I don’t like Eddie."

"Well, I don’t like calling people by their full names." I shrugged. "No one ever uses my full name. Takes too much effort. We live in a lazy society and that is the one thing I have conformed to doing." He laughed as I filled a cup for myself and jumped up onto the counter. "Well, Eddie," I emphasized with a large smirk, watching him cringe. "What do you say we forget about those guys and party on our own?" He looked up at me kind of like I was crazy but then smiled and nodded, jumping up with me.

"I take it Bella, isn’t your full name then," he asked after taking a long drink.

I shook my head and chugged my drink. "Isabella." I leaned across the counter, reaching for a pack of cigarettes someone left.

"Is that real?" he asked suddenly.

"What?" I asked, turning back to him, placing a cigarette between my lips.

"The tattoo," he said, his fingers falling to the small of my back and gently tracing it.

I nodded. "Yeah." I pulled a lighter from my pocket and slowly lit my cigarette as I leaned forward to let him look at it better. "I forget about it sometimes. I’ve had it for awhile."

"How old are you?" he asked, as I leaned back to look at him.

"Seventeen." I furrowed my brow and stared at the tiles of the floor. "I got it right after I turned fourteen."

"Your parents let you?" He looked at me in amazement.

I shook my head and shifted my weight uncomfortably, taking a long drag of my cigarette. "My father died when I was seven and… I don’t think my guardians know about it." There was an awkward moment of silence. The kind you always get when someone mentions the death of someone close to them and you don’t know what to say.

"Why a bird?" He asked, finally breaking the silence, leaving me relived that he didn’t give me any of that fake sympathy bullshit.

"A swan." I nodded with a smile, pushing my hair behind my ear. "It’s for my father. It’s was his last name before he changed it. His agent told him that Swan didn’t sound like a rock star last name or whatever. I changed my name back after he died. I wanted to hold onto something that helped me remember him as my dad not as the famous rock star." I sipped on my drink, my smile fading. "He was a great musician but an even better father. And he did an amazing job at keeping the two separate. At first it was confusing but he had this way of letting me know when it was our time together. Back then I was always known as Isabella, I decided on Bella after he died. And when he was done working and ready to be nothing more than a father to me, he would call me Bells. It was stupid but as a kid…I don’t know, it made me feel special."

"It’s a nice." He smiled at me, tucking some stray hair behind my ear.

I looked away from him. "No one calls me that anymore."

"No one calls me Eddie either." He shrugged. I ignored the comment. No one got away with calling me Bells. Not since my father died. Jasper learned that lesson quickly. He had gotten one warning then one punch. He got it after that.

We talked and consumed several drinks in a few minutes before I heard yelling coming from the next room, followed by the sound of shattering glass then cheering. I didn’t really care but the noise was annoying so I jumped off the counter, landing wrong and twisting my ankle. But I was too drunk for it to really hurt, it was more tingly than anything. But Edward jumped down, wrapped his arm around my waist and helped me walk anyway. "Let’s get away from all the…people. It’s giving me a headache," I whined as Edward helped me out the front door.

We walked past Angela, who was throwing up in the bushes, Jasper holding her hair back for her. I stopped walking and climbed onto the hood of one of the cars in the driveway.

"So tell me something about yourself, Eddie."

"I’m in a band." He shrugged, climbing up with me.

I rolled my eyes and laughed. "Tell me something I don’t know."

"Uh, I sing and play the guitar and piano." We lied back and stared at the night sky. "What about you?"

"My father was the musician of family."

He turned his head to look at me. "Yeah, you mentioned something in the kitchen..."

"It always surprises me that Jasper fails to tell people about me." I don’t know why I did what I did next. I liked it when people didn’t know who I was. But he had to be an alright guy if Jasper liked him. And I felt a strange connection to him. I held out my hand and introduced myself. "Bella Swan but once upon a time I was known as Isabella Legend daughter of the late Charlie Legend."

Edward’s eyes grew wide, he noticed the name immediately. Most people do. They all still sing along to the songs. Everyone knows the story. Everyone loves a good heart retching tale. It made the band infamous. I don’t think they would still be remembered if it weren’t for the incident. But it’s not something I enjoy talking about often and thankfully, some guy came stumbling past and I stole his bottle of alcohol and took a long drink. It didn’t matter what it was. I just wasn’t near drunk enough at the moment. But within fifteen minutes I was. And he was still talking and I didn’t care anymore. So I did the one thing that I knew would make him shut up. I leaned in and placed my lips to his.

He shut up, for the minute the kiss lasted. But as soon as my fingers reached his belt buckle he pulled away trying to be chivalrous and not ‘take advantage of me in my current state of mind’. I tried to change his mind. It was what I was used to. Everyone used me. Why should he be any different? I leaned in for another kiss but he turned his head away. I rolled my eyes and scoffed. "Fuck you!" I shouted, jumping off the hood of the car, leaving him behind. I heard him jump down and call my name after me but I didn’t listen. I stumbled over to Jasper, grabbed him and kissed him in that hard, sloppy drunk way. Jasper forgot all about babysitting Angela as she lie passed out in the front lawn and returned the kiss. I opened my eyes and watched as Edward stared. He missed his chance. I smiled through the kiss and grabbed Jasper by the belt loops, leading him into the house and into my bedroom.




I looked at the painting in front of me. I guess I should have known that the relationship wouldn’t work out from the way that first night went. But I couldn’t help it. Edward… he’s just… there is no way to describe it. I love him. And for some fucked up reason, we just worked.