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Carlisles Decision

Carlisle has a new memeber to his medical team and he ends up having to chose between Esme and his new nurse.


18. Chapter17 - Lilly

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What? Pregnant? No way! But wait. It’s Carlisle’s. I’m pregnant with Dr Cullen’s child! But surely I couldn’t….. “Carlisle.”
“Yes, Lilly?” His voice was pained.
“How? I‘m physically too far along for the time the foetus was conceived.”
“That’s because me and my family are vampires. You are carrying a half-human half-vampire child.”
“You’re nuts! Vampires don’t exist.” Carlisle jumps out the window. “NO! Carlisle!” He lands with a small thud and rips a tree out the ground, throws it then jumps back up. “Believe me now?” I nod, stunned. “Lilly, I am so so so sorry!”
“For what?”
“The foetus. It will probably…kill you.”