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Carlisles Decision

Carlisle has a new memeber to his medical team and he ends up having to chose between Esme and his new nurse.


19. Chapter 18 - Carlisle

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Lilly went quiet after I told her her fate. I gently guided her downstairs and helped her sit on the couch and after a while I sat alongside her to await the others arrival. Edward was the first. His face was a combination of shock and horror. Jasper followed, looking…confused. The others quickly follow shocked when they see Lilly who keeps glancing at me. Edward speaks, “Is it true?” I nod.
“Honey. What’s going on?” Esme looks at me, her eyes clouded with confusion.
“Es, Es. Remember that I love you, okay?” She gives me a slow nod and I take a deep breath. “Well, Lilly is here because she is pregnant. With my child.” I looked at them all. Emotions ranged from shock, disappointment and pain.
“Carlisle. Please come with me.” She walks out to the forest and I follow. Suddenly she turns on me. “How could you?!”
“I told you it happened.”
“Yes but you didn’t tell me you got her pregnant!”
“We found out today, Es,”
“Don’t. Does our marriage mean nothing? Am I not good enough or young enough for you, Carlisle?! Did you want a child?!”
“No, Esme! Please! I value our marriage! It never meant to happen. I swear! I love you. Not her. You.”
“Don’t feed me your lies, Carlisle! You have a choice. You can either be with your wife and family or you can be with her and that child. It’s your decision. What will it be?”