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Carlisles Decision

Carlisle has a new memeber to his medical team and he ends up having to chose between Esme and his new nurse.


23. Chapter 22 - Carlisle

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While Lilly sleeps, I call a family meeting. I sit at the head of the table. Edward sits on my left with Bella next to him, Emmett sits on my right with Rosalie next to him, Alice and Jasper stand at the back overlooking the table while Esme sits opposite me. As far away from me as possible. With a sigh, I speak, “Look, guys, we all know why Lilly’s here and yes, you can judge me. But I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. This whole thing was an accident but since Lilly is now carrying my child I would appreciate it if you could at least attempt to be nice to her. Remember, she didn’t ask to be thrown into this.”
“That’s all very well but-” Rosalie stops suddenly and everyone’s eyes look to the door. I didn’t have to turn to know Lilly was standing there but I turned anyway. “Lilly, are you alright?”
“Yes, just heard you guys talking.”
“How much did you hear?”
“Nothing, really. It was more like buzzing.”
“Ah. Well, this is my family. My sons; Edward, Jasper and Emmet. My daughters; Bella, Alice and Rosalie. And of course ,my wife, Esme.”
“Hi. Esme, I’m really, really sorry!” To my disbelief, Esme stood and walked out! This was the first time she was ever rude to someone and I could understand why but she should blame me not take it out on Lilly. I am the one who kissed her and started it. “Maybe I should go back to bed.” And with that she trudged back to her room.