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Carlisles Decision

Carlisle has a new memeber to his medical team and he ends up having to chose between Esme and his new nurse.


9. Chapter 8 - Carlisle

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My eyes never leave the paper I’m working on as I hear a knock and call out “Come in.” I hear the door open. “Dr Cullen, the secretary informed me that you were doing paperwork all day. I came to see if you needed help.” Lilly said to me quietly but her voice rough, like she had been crying. I looked up at her and her eyes were red and swollen. She had been crying. She closed the door behind her as I stood. “Lilly, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing” she said instantly and defensively. “Lilly I can tell. What happened?” She looked at me and burst into tears and I instinctively hugged her to me. “It’s, it’s my mom,” she choked out between sobs, “She passed away.” I let Lilly cry into my chest as I hugged her. “I am so sorry. It’ll be okay, Lilly.” She looked up at me and I, I couldn’t help myself. I bent my head down and kissed her passionately. Her lips were still underneath mine for a second but soon kissed me back. One thing lead to another and she was soon underneath me, naked, as we lay on my desk, papers scattered, kissing and our bodies entwined.