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A new family

Edward has left Bella Yet again. She can't take it and goes to Volterra. Aro changes her, many years later Edward goes to see Bella. Bella is living in the volturi castle as Aro's daughter. He considers himself her father, she considers him her father. Though Bella doesnt want to drink humans, so she drinks from animals. Bella and Jane are friends now. Bella hasn't forgiven Edward for leaving her not once but twice. What will happen when they see eachother again?

Disclaimer: I do not own the twilight saga!

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( Bella's POV)

" Bella, I can't risk your life like this. I love you, but I can't take away your soul. You deserve better than me. I know I said I would never leave you again, but this is necessary. Please, just please, don't follow me this time, and don't get into any trouble. You will be on my mind twenty four seven. I love you Bella, goodbye.", Edward kissed the top of my head than darted out my window. The tears flowed endlessly down my cheek. I couldn't bear living without him. He was my life, he was my soul. Whether he believed it or not, he had already taken it. He also took my heart. I knew wha tI had to do, and I had to lie to Charlie to do it.

" Dad, there's this program in Italy. I want to do it. Edward and I just broke up again, and I think it would be good for me.", I smiled at him.

" What kind of program?", he asked.

" The study of blood cells, it's a two year long trip and I probably wouldn't be home for the holidays. I really want to do it, and all I have to pay for is the plane ticket. Please dad, I want to take a break from forks." I begged.

" If that's what'll make you happy then okay. When do you leave?", he asked.

" Tomorrow, the plane leaves at one forty five pm.", I had already booked the flight.

" Alright, go pack I guess. You will call right Bells?", He eyed me.

" I promise I will call.", I knew this was the only thing I could promise him.

" I love you Isabella, you can come home whenever you want.", His eyes glistened wetly. I smiled and nodded and left to pack.

It was twenty minutes before the plane took off and I was saying goodbye for the last time.

" Bye Daddy.", I hugged him tightly.

" Bye Bells, call as soon as you can.", he was crying.

" I will, bye.", with that I got on the plane. I landed in Italy and drove to volterra. Once inside I ran to the clock tower. The volturi lair was right below it. I entered and followed the familiar hallway.

" Hello, can I help you?", the girl behind the counter asked. I remembered her name was Gianna from my previous visit.

" Do you remember me?", I asked. She nodded.

" I need you to take me to Aro. It is important.", I commanded. All of the sudden Jane came from the shadows.

" Well, a snack. What are you doing here?", she growled.

" I want Aro to change me.", I stood up straight.

" Follow me.", she turned and I started following her. Before I knew it we were in the room where Edward and Alice promised Aro they would change me.

" Jane my dear! Bella? You are still human?", Aro raised his eyebrows.

" Master, she wishes to be changed by you.", Jane responded.

" Why, what about Edward?", I flinched at the sound of his name.

" He left me again. I can't take the pain of being without him. I want you to change me, please.", I practically begged.

" Alright Young Isabella. Come with me, in three days time, you will be one of us.", before I new it pain was seering through my vains. It felt like there was fire in my body, burning out all the blood.

( Alice's POV)

Edward said I could still talk to bella, and hang out with her! I was so excited, at least I could still be her friend. I rounded the corner in my awesome new porche, it was just like the one I stole in Italy. I knocked on the door and couldn't quit bouncing up and down.

" Alice? What are you doing here?", Charlie's eyebrows pulled together.

" To see Bella of course! Even though she and my brother aren't together she is still my friend.", I laughed.

" Alice, she's gone. She left the day after her and Edward broke up.", He looked at me like I was crazy.

" What! Why didn't she tell me? Where did she go?", I felt like crying.

" Some, blood cell, program in another country. It's like school. She promised to call me as soon as soon as she could. It's been three days. I got a text from her this morning saying she would call me sometime today.", he ran his hand through his hair.

" Oh, could you ask her to call me? I am really going to miss her. How long will she be gone?", I asked.

" She said like two years, she won't be home for holidays either.", he sighed. Wait, not home for holidays? Two years? Hasn't called in three days?

" Where is this program Charlie?", I asked urgently.

" Italy.", he replied. Great, she was a vampire now.