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A new family

Edward has left Bella Yet again. She can't take it and goes to Volterra. Aro changes her, many years later Edward goes to see Bella. Bella is living in the volturi castle as Aro's daughter. He considers himself her father, she considers him her father. Though Bella doesnt want to drink humans, so she drinks from animals. Bella and Jane are friends now. Bella hasn't forgiven Edward for leaving her not once but twice. What will happen when they see eachother again?

Disclaimer: I do not own the twilight saga!

2. 2

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( Alice's POV)

After leaving Charlie's house, I rushed home. I ran inside and the family came to see what was wrong. Edward looked unhappy as I was blocking my mind.

" I went to see Bella.", I stated, Edward flinched.

" Yes, that doesn't explain why your acting like this.", Carlisle chuckled lightly.

" Bella is on a two year trip, she left the day after Edward broke up with her again.", I said, hoping that maybe they wouldn't make me say any more.

" That's good for her, I'm sure she'll enjoy it.", Esme sighed sadly.

" It's reserching blood cells. Bella faints at the sight of blood, and it's in Italy.", the room grew quiet.

" Bella is attending a blood cell program Alice. Do you really think she would be changed if it wasn't by Edward?", Rose spoke up.

" That's what I thought until Charlie told me she hadn't called for three days and he just got a text from her this morning telling him she'd call soon.", I sighed.

" What are we going to do?", Em asked.

" Nothing, we wait. She'll be back in two years, everything will be fine.", I stated. Everyone agreed.


Bella never returned, she told Charlie that she loved Italy and decided to stay there. She only called him, never visited. The volturi have called and asked us to come to the volturi castle for a meeting. Something about his daughter sulking away in her room. We were all packed and ready, we would be staying in the volturi castle so no need for a hotel, and they were having a tinted limo pick us up, it was so cool.

We arrived in the castle at nine pm. Jane walked over to us, and nodded then led us into the ' Judgement Room'.

" I'm going out to hunt, I'll be back sometime later.", A girl blew past us. Aro sighed tiredly.

" Ah! Cullens, it's a pleasure to see you all here. I'm sorry about my daughter, she has some... problems with this arrangement.", Aro chuckled humorlessly.

" Good to see you too Aro, I must say from what I saw she might try rebeling.", Carlisle spoke.

" She had a hard human life. She was in love with a vampire who left her, she came here and I changed her. She is now one of my greatest assets.", Aro complimented. Edward flinched when he talked about her getting left behind.

" Why is she an asset?", Carlisle tilted his head in curiosity.

" She has two powers, she's a mental sheild, and somehow she can give vampires the ability to concieve and give birth to vampire children who are tame and also grow until they are age seventeen which is where they stop aging.", Aro replied, Rosalie's eyes widened.

" Do you think she could... maybe let me have a baby?", Rose said in a small voice.

" I do not know, she doesn't use the power much. Well, she does but she refuses to use it on herself. She told me if she were to have any children it would be with someone she loves. Which is why I called you here today...", he looked around the room. Suddenly the doors opened and a girl walked in she was talking to Jane while they were both laughing.

" Jane, would you and Isabella please take the Cullen's to their rooms? Heidi is brining our Dinner.", Aro chuckled. We looked at Jane and to the right of her was our Bella. The girl who my brother loves.

" Bella.", Edward whispered. She looked over at him, her golden eyes had no life in them. She looked like only her body was here but her soul was somewhere else.

" Follow me please.", She started walking and we followed. Two little kids ran up to her while we were walking.

" Isabella! After dinner will you play with us?", the little girl asked Bella.

" Well, I guess I could. What would we be playing?", Bella smiled sweetly at them.

" Well, Ambrosia wants to play dolls, but me and you could play superman. I'll save you, cause your the damsel in destress.", the little boy smiled at Bella.

" Ambrosia, you and Mario go get dinner, and I'll play with both of you.", she winked.

" Bella, why don't you eat from humans like we do?", Ambrosia asked.

" It's complicated, I'll tell you when your older.", she kissed both kids foreheads and sent them towards the judgement room. She showed Carlisle and Esme their room, and started leading us toward ours when we ran into Alec and Felix.

" Ah, Isabella, you missed it- Felix ate a fat man and gravy practically poured out of him.", Alec laughed and Bella joined.

" Ah, I doubt I'd be able to control myself in that room with all those humans anyway.", she sighed.

" I don't see why you don't give up this animal diet. Human blood tastes so much better. It quenches the thirst more.", Felix said.

" I find killing innocent humans repulsive felix, they didn't do anything to deserve the death they were givin.", Bella glared at him.

" I think Eria is ready for us to have a child, that is if you use your gift on her." Alec spoke.

" I will, I'll do it after I show the Cullens to their rooms.", the guys nodded and we continued on. We stopped at Rose and Em's room.

" Just ask Rosalie.", Bella said.

" Will- will you let me have children?", Rose glances at her. Bella smiles softly before touching both Em and Rose with her eyes closed. Two minutes later she was leading Jaz Edward and I down a hall, she stopped at Jazz and I's room first. Great, now I wouldn't know what would happen with her and Edward.

( Edward's POV)

We walked down the hall and stopped at a door. She was about to leave when I grabbed her wrist.

" Bella, we need to talk, you know I still love you and I know you still love me. Please, can we work this out?", I begged.

" You hurt me Edward, not once but twice. I was and am still completely and irrevocalbly in love with you. I wanted to be a vampire, to b ewith you for the rest of eternity. ", She said in a whisper. I tilted her head up so she would look me in the eyes.

" I never stopped loving you. I just didn't want to exile you to this damned life. One where you couldn't have children, and no soul. I wanted to do what was best for you. Please Bella, take me back. We can get married, then we can use your gift on ourselves and we could have a family. Please.", I would have gotten on my hands and knees begging if that's what it took. Bella stood there contemplating and staring into my eyes, right before she came to her decision......

* ohhhh cliffhanger!!! sorry guys!!! *