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A new family

Edward has left Bella Yet again. She can't take it and goes to Volterra. Aro changes her, many years later Edward goes to see Bella. Bella is living in the volturi castle as Aro's daughter. He considers himself her father, she considers him her father. Though Bella doesnt want to drink humans, so she drinks from animals. Bella and Jane are friends now. Bella hasn't forgiven Edward for leaving her not once but twice. What will happen when they see eachother again?

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3. 3

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Edward's POV

" Edward, you left me not once, but twice. I was catatonic practically the first time. The next I took my future into my own hands. I belonged in this world, so I got myself changed. Without you. I still love you. I always will. I just don't know if I can give you a chance because sometimes love isn't enough.", she dry sobbed.

" Bella, I swear, I'll do anything. Just give me one more chance. I messed up the first and second times.