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A new mate

Edward and Bella believed they were mates. What happens when the new vampire in town catches one of the cullen's eye? Things start to fall apart for a certain Cullen. What will happen to these vampires? ( Bella is still human, no renesmee, Jacob imprinted on a girl named Callie)

Disclaimer: I don't own the twilight saga!

10. 10

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( Edward's POV)

I only looked down at my daughter as I walked with her into the waiting room. She had a lot of hair on her head, it was Bella's cover. She'd opened her eyes once and we saw her eyes were the same color as mine had been when I was a human,emerald green. Her skin was the color of Bella's. She was absolutely gorgous. I couldn't believe she was my daughter. The doctor's told me she was five pounds six ounces. I entered the waiting room and everyone looked at me. I looked up and smiled. I handed Masen to Charlie first. His eyes lit up, he smiled immediately. Makenah didn't like that I was only looking at Masen.

" Well, Hello there cutie. I'm your grandpa.", Charlie cried. I would be crying if I could.

" Her eyes are green, my biological mother's.", I told him. Charlie handed her to Carlisle, I was so scared Charlie would drop her, I was scared anyone who held her would drop her. Just like Charlie Carlisle smiled immediately. After about five minutes Carlisle handed Masen to Esme. Esme was probably the only one I trusted other than Bella not to drop Masen.

" So, what's my grandaughter's name?", Renee asked.

" Masen Rosalie Cullen. Her first name is spelled M-A-S-E-N." I told her.

" Why does she have a boy's name .", Makenah said.

" Masen is a girl and a boy's name. We can call her Macie for short.", Makenah was really pissing me off. This wasnt about her, it was about my daughter.

" Whatever,", she was acting like a teenager.

" Makenah, leave, grow up and accept that I care about Masen more than I will ever care about you. I am choosing my daughter over you. I don't want to see you ever again.", I told her. Everyones mouth dropped. Esme handed Masen to Renee. Masen started crying and I took her and calmed her down. I really hoped she was a daddy's girl. Everybody smiled at the sight of me holding Masen. Everyone took turns holding my baby girl when the doctor came an said they just needed to find her blood type and make sure she was totally and completly healthy. I walked into Bella's room, she was sitting up thinking. I couldn't help myself, Iran over to her and kissed her.

" What was that for?", she asked breathless.

" For having my daughter, she's absolutely perfect.", I smiled.

" I know she is. She's related to you isn't she?", she laughed as did I.

" I'm not perfect. I just broke up with Makenah.", I told her.

" Really, why?", She was suprised.

" I don't think she understood, it wasn't all about her anymore, it hasn't been since I found out you were pregnant. I told her to grow up, she was acting like a stupid teenager who doesn't get what she wants.", I laughed.

" Ah, are you sure you want to be in her life? I'll understan if you don't.", She said.

" Isabella, I couldn't imagine my life without her. I love her so much and she's only three hours old.", we laughed. The nurse had taken pictures of Masen and gave them to Bella and I.