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A new mate

Edward and Bella believed they were mates. What happens when the new vampire in town catches one of the cullen's eye? Things start to fall apart for a certain Cullen. What will happen to these vampires? ( Bella is still human, no renesmee, Jacob imprinted on a girl named Callie)

Disclaimer: I don't own the twilight saga!

3. 3

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( Bella's POV)

" Edward, I have to go to my dad's. He won't stop calling, he says he needs to talk to me.", I grabbed the keys to my ferrari.

" Ok, I'll see you later love. I love you.", He turned back to his piano.

" Love you too.", I went and left for my dad's house. I knocked and walked in. It was a full house. Leah, Seth, Sue, Billy, Jacob, my father and I were there.

" Hey you guys, what's goin' on?", I asked carefully. Charlie and sue smiled.

" Bells, Sue and I are getting married!", he smiled from ear to ear. My mouth dropped open, but then I had to run outside. I had just came inside from puking and everyone was staring at me.

" What? Congrats dad, you two will be happy.", I added.

" Bells, are you sick? Why didn't you tell me? I could have just told you over the phone. Want me to call Edward to come pick you up?", my dad asked.

" I am fine, I don't know whats wrong. I've been feeling weird lately. And no don't call Edward because he will go all over protective husband on me. That means, I'm not aloud to go anywhere or do anything until I am better. So do not tell him about me throwing up.", I begged.

" Um Bella? Can I ask you something?", Sue was wary.

" Sure..", I answered carefully.

" How long have you felt weird?"

" About a month and a half, why?", I asked with my eyebrows raised.

" Is there any possible way you could be..... pregnant?", I held my breath. I couldn't be pregnant. Edward couldn't have kids. But yet I was late, I was a whole month late.

" N- No! Edward, Edward can't have kids. I knew that before we got married, I can't- I can't be pregnant.", I sat down on the couch and thought it over.

" Wait here, I have a pregnancy test in my car.", Leah ran outside. Sue gave her a mean look.

" Leah, why do you have a pregnancy test?", Sue asked.

" A friend needed it but before I could give it to her she said her boyfriend had bought her one. I just never took it out of my car.", Leah laughed.