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A new mate

Edward and Bella believed they were mates. What happens when the new vampire in town catches one of the cullen's eye? Things start to fall apart for a certain Cullen. What will happen to these vampires? ( Bella is still human, no renesmee, Jacob imprinted on a girl named Callie)

Disclaimer: I don't own the twilight saga!

6. 6

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( Jasper's POV)

I wanted to tell Edward. I really did, but I didn't know if it was the right thing to do. He was still in the ' Oh I've just found love' phase and a baby would change that. Before I knew it I pulled out the picture of my little neice or nephew.

" Jasper, what is that?", Alice grabbed it from my hand.

" Alice-", she cut me off.

" Who the hell is this Jasper?", she gave me the picture back.

" Well, that little baby in the picture is your soon-to-be neice or nephew. And it's inside of our ex sister in law Bella. You cant think of this around edward. I don't know if I am going to tell him.", I said.

" Bella can't be pregnant! Edward can't have children. Why are you lying?"

" I swear to god, Bella is pregnant with Edward's baby. I would never lie to you Ali, you know that. I actually accused Bella of cheating on Edward. But then she almost started crying and I knew she wasnt lying about it being his child. So, you cannot tell Edward or even think about this baby or bella being pregnant. Do you understand?", I grabbed her hand, she nodded.

( Alice's POV)

OMG! I can't believe I am going to be an aunt! I hope it's a girl so I can take her shopping. If Emmett knew he would hope it's a boy so they could play football. I wasnt' aloud to tell anyone. Especially Edward and the bitch Makenah. I hated her, she is so mean. Rose liked Bella alot better and that's saying something. If Rose knew Bella was prego, she would be sooooo jealous. Wow, I cannot wait for this baby to be born!

( Edward's POV)

Alice was singing songs in her head to block her thoughts from me. Jasper was thinking about getting some new books about war. I walked over to Alice , she would be easiest to persuade to tell me what was ging on.

" Hey Ali-cat. What's going on? Why are you blocking my thoughts?", I walked over to her.

" Um, nothing, go away!", she ran to her and Jasper's room. That was very strange. I went to the living room and Jasper didn't know a picture fell out of his pocket. I picked it up and looked at it. It was one of those black and white sonogram photos. You could easily see there was a tiny little baby in the picture. Was Alice pregnant? That couldn't be possible.

" Jasper! Come here now!", I yelled. He immediately came down and saw the picture in my hand.

" Is Alice pregnant? Jasper tell me who is pregnant, now!", I yelled.

" No alice isn't pregnant. Look Edward, drop it, now give me my picture back.", he tried to take it. I moved before he could.

" Edward, it's mine. Give it back. It's the only picture I've gotten of my neice or nephew!", he immediately looked like he said to much.

" Neice or nephew? That would have to mean someone in this house is pregnant. I know it isn't makenah, or alice. Is rose pregnant?", I questioned.

" No Edward, no one in this house is pregnant. Bella is, it's your baby. That's what she was going to tell you when you told her about Makenah. I ran into her at the doctor's today. She's three and a half months pregnant. her next appointment is in three weeks and she's finding out if the baby is a boy or girl.", Jasper looked away, he took the picture and headed upstairs. I sat down on the couch and started thinking.