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A new mate

Edward and Bella believed they were mates. What happens when the new vampire in town catches one of the cullen's eye? Things start to fall apart for a certain Cullen. What will happen to these vampires? ( Bella is still human, no renesmee, Jacob imprinted on a girl named Callie)

Disclaimer: I don't own the twilight saga!

7. 7

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( Edward's POV)

I'd been sitting on the couch for two whole hours before the family got home from hunting. Makenah came over to me and tried to kiss me but I pushed her away. I was trying to think and I didn't want to be distracted.

" Edward, what's wrong? Did I do something?", she begged me to answer.

" Makenah, I am trying to think, please just let me think.", I begged back.

" Sweetheart, are you alright?", I let esme comfort me as I started sobbing dry sobs. They had never seen me like this. Carlisle had a worried look on his face just like Rose, Emmett, Makenah and Esme.

" Edward, tell us what's going on son.", my father ordered.

" I have to- I have to find Bella. I need to talk to her. I cant just- just stay away from what I've done.", I sobbed, knowing that they wouldn't understand.

" What did you do Edward.", Esme made me look in her eyes.

" You are going to be a grandma. Jasper, ran into her today at th doctor. In three weeks she's finding out the sex of the baby. I want to be in it's life. I'm it's father.", I told them. Makenah looked pissed while the others were shocked.

" Bella- Bella's pregnant?", Rose stuttered. I nodded and she smiled at me.

" Alice! We're going to be aunts! We have to shop. This will be the most spoiled baby in the whole world!", Rose yelled.

" Rose, you don't hate us for this? You aren't mad?", I looked in disbelief.

" I am a little jealous you and Bella get to have a baby, but it will always be my neice or nephew. I can still love it.", she smiled and gave me a hug, something I least expected.

* 3 weeks later *

Today Bella had her doctor's appointment. She still doesn't know I know about the baby. Makenah isn't very happy because all my thoughts are on Bella and my child. I don't care though. In five months I am going to be a father. It was then I heard Jasper on the phone.

" Bella, please come over! Edward knows, I wasn't planning on telling him but then the picture you gave me fell out of my pocket and I had to tell him. The whole family wants to see you and we want to know if that baby is going to be a boy or girl. So, get your ass over here, no if ands or buts. Goodbye, I'll see you in an hour or two.", Jasper closed the phone.

" You've been talking to bella?", I asked bewldered.

" Ya, and I also know that Alice and I are the baby's godparents. If it's a girl her middle name will probably be Rose, if it's a boy his middle name will probably be Emmett. He or she will have our last name. She wants us in his life, so she's moving to Forks at her own place after the baby is born. Oh, and she says she already bought the place she's going to be living in. Oh and when bella is eight months pregnant, her mother is coming up so she can be there when her grandchild is born.", Jasper smiled at all the information he got.

" How much do you talk to her Jazz?", I aske.

" Alot, more than Alice, more than Esme. Rose has only talked to her once or twice. By the way, don't tell Rose and Em about their names being possible middle names. Look, I am going hunting. I'll be back soon, see ya.", he took off into the woods.

Jasper was already back when we heard a car turn onto the driveway. I started getting really nervous. My breathing spend up and my hands were trembling. I was about to see my ex-wife who was pregnant with my child for the frist time in three months. There was a knock on the door and Jasper used super speed to answer it.

" Bella! I missed you and my neice or nephew!", he hugged her. It suprised me, Jasper never got close to bella like that. I think Carlisle and Esme were too.

" Hey Jazz. Here, I brought you guys something.", She handed him a video and a picture. Jazz smiled and looked at them, he couldn't tell what the baby was from the picture.

" Come in, let's go watch this video. It's like the baby's heartbeat and you get to see the baby right?", he asked putting it into our DVD player.

" Ya, they also gave me an mp3 of it's heartbeat and it's now my ringtone. I'll tell you if the baby is a boy or girl if you can't figure it out by the end of the video.", she laughed.