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A new mate

Edward and Bella believed they were mates. What happens when the new vampire in town catches one of the cullen's eye? Things start to fall apart for a certain Cullen. What will happen to these vampires? ( Bella is still human, no renesmee, Jacob imprinted on a girl named Callie)

Disclaimer: I don't own the twilight saga!

8. 8

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( Edward's POV)

None of us could figure out if my baby was a boy or girl. Makenah didn't care, she didn't like the fact that my ex wife was pregnant with my child. We pause the video so bella could explain everything and tell us the sex of the baby.

" Alright, so here's the head, the arms the feet, it's little heartbeat. Can you guys tell yet?", she was pointing at the baby's body parts. We all shook our heads no.

" Jeez, you guys are like fifty years older than me and I can tell the baby's gender just by looking at the picture. It's a........", she was messing with us.

" Ah, Just tell us baby sister!",Emmett thought then. He jumped up and started laughing!

" It's a girl! Look there's no boy part in there!", Emmett jumped up and pointed at my baby.

" Good Job Emmett! I actually thought you would be the one to get frusterated and leave the room. But yes It's a girl. I already have a name for her.", Bella smiled.

" What is it? I know you said she'll have my last name. But what about her first and middle name?", I asked.

" I'll tell you her middle name and last name. I knew her name before I knew she was a girl. Its a name a boy and a girl can have. Her Middle name will be Rosalie and Her last name is Cullen. I want you guys to be in her life. She's your family too.", Bella smiled. Rose looked like she would cry and she went and hugged Bella.

" Thank you Bella. Really I'm so sorry I was mean to you, I was just jealous.", Bella hugged her back in suprise. Bella's cell phone started ringing. She looked at who was calling and sighed,

" What do you want Jacob? Don't you have your fiance to entertain. Why are bugging me?", she listened.

" I told you, you will find out when Charlie finds out. After I'm done here I am going to go see Charlie and tell him.", she listened some more.

" Yes, goodbye Jake.", she hung up and sighed again.

" Whos Jake?", I asked.

" Jacob Black, family friend. Annoying kid who got his imprint pregnant and now they are getting married. He used to have a crush on me. It was funny. He didn't get that he was younger than me and I don't date younger guys. Thank god he found Callie.", she laughed.

" Imprint? He's a werewolf?", I yelled.

" Yes, but don't worry. I make sure his girlfriend or fiance I should say is with us. She keeps him calm, he never phases near her.", I actually thought this kid was smart.

" Well, as long as you and my daughter are safe.", I smiled. Bella blushed. You could hardly tell bella was pregnant, she only had a little bump.

" We are, look, I have to go see Charlie. Jacob keeps annoying me. He is like one of my brothers and wants to know if it's a boy or girl. So I'll see you guys later. Bye.", She left and went to Charlie's.

I sat on the couch with a big smile on my face. Makenah came and sat on my lap, I barely noticed her, I was busy thinking about what my daughter would look like.

" So, little Bro! I can't believe I am going to have a neice! I can teach her so much like how to climb trees and how to swim across the river!", Emmett yelled.

" Let's go shopping! I wish we knew what her first name was, we could customize stuff for her.", alice pouted.

" Oh! We can get her a pink baseball outfit that says Cullen on the back with a number nine! She's the nineth cullen!", Emmett yelled. My sister's loved the idea.

" Um, what about me?", Makenah asked.

" What's your last name?", Rose asked.

" Grayson."

" That's right, it's not Cullen." Rose growled.

" Oh Burn!", Emmett and Jasper yelled. I really wanted to laugh but Makenah would get pissed at me.

" Edward! Tell them something!", she told me.

" Guys she'll be a Cullen soon. Don't tease her like that.", I said. Esme was the one who gave her a bad look. I knew she liked Bella more. Bella was nice and selfless. She put everyone before herself. Makenah makes sure she' sthe center of attention. I missed bella alot, Makenah made me miss her more.