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Rosalie and Isabella Swan are bullied, even if their best friends Edward and Emmett Masen try and stop it. They are in fourth grade, the girls can't take it anymore and move to California with their Uncle Peter and Aunt Charlott. They leave behind their brothers and parents. It's senior year and the girls return, what will happen?

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or the twilight saga.

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( Bella's POV)

My sister Rose and I have been bullied since the first day in second grade. Oh yeah, Rose and I are ferternal twins. We are now in fourth grade. Our parents were weathy buisness peoples. I have no idea what they do, whenever I ask they always tell me when I am older I'll understand.

" Isabella, mommy says it's time for dinner!", Rose yelled upstairs. I ran downstairs, tonight we were having barbeque chicken for dinner. That was my favorite food that mommy cooked.

" This is really yummy mommy!", Rose stuffed another peice of chicken in her mouth.

" Rosie, chew with your mouth closed.", my mother laughed.

" Mommy, do we have to go to school tomorrow? Tanya, Lauren and Jessica are going to be mean again.", I said.

" Yes sweetie, you have to go to school.", my mommy always thought rose and I were overacting. I don't know what that means but I could never keep them from being mean. Even our best friends Emmett and Edward( they are twins also.) Masen couldn't keep the mean girls away. After dinner Rose and I both took baths and got into our pj's. Roses had pink and purple monkeys and mine had blue and orange stripes.

( Renee Swan's POV)

I had just gotten a call from my daughters' school saying I needed to come pick them up. They wouldn't tell me anymore. When I got to the school the girls were crying and I ran over to them.

" Isabella, Rosalie! What's wrong sweethearts?", I looked at them.

" Mommy, I want to move away, I don't want to go to school here anymore!", Rosalie yelled through tears. The principle pulled me into her office.

" Mrs. Swan, the girls were on the playground and three girls decided to play a game with them. Rosalie and Isabella both got hurt and blamed these three girls. The girls swore they didn't do it and that they were only trying to play. Your daughters insisted on going home.", Miss Leon, said.

" Thank you for telling me. I'm going to take my daughters home now.", I got my girls into the car and we got home.

" Rose, Isabella, come here. What happened?", I asked. One thing I knew was Rosalie hated lying and Isabella couldn't lie, she always gave herself away by blushing.

" Mommy, they pushed us down. Then they told us we were nerds and Edward and Emmett deserved better best friends than us. Then they kicked Isabella and they pulled my hair. Mommy, please let us go to Uncle P and Aunt C's house! I don't want to go to school there anymore! We need a fwesh start.", Rosalie begged. I knew it was the right thing to do. I just didnt know if I could let go of my baby girls. They needed time though, I understood that and they would only be a plane ride to california away.

My husband Charlie and I agreed, they would move in with their aunt and uncle. We called and Peter and Charlott agreed to take the girls for awhile. Next thing I knew we were in the airport saying goodbye to our girls.

" I will miss you girls so much. You must call me every morning and every night. Do you promise?", I had tears coming down my face like a waterfall. Both girls nodded yes. We said goodbye and watched them walk hand and hand onto the plane.