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Return to Forks

Rosalie and Isabella Swan are bullied, even if their best friends Edward and Emmett Masen try and stop it. They are in fourth grade, the girls can't take it anymore and move to California with their Uncle Peter and Aunt Charlott. They leave behind their brothers and parents. It's senior year and the girls return, what will happen?

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or the twilight saga.

2. 2

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( Bella's POV)

We were in eighth grade when my mother told us she was going to have a baby. Rose and I couldn't wait for him or her to be born. When it fianally was, we found out she was a girl. She had black hair, and dark brown eyes. Her name was Mary Alice Swan. My parents and I called her Alice though. Rose and I were now juniors, we were still living with our aunt and uncle. We had decided that we would go back to Forks, Washington for our senior year.

Rose and I had chaged. A lot. Rose and I both were models for about two years. I was pale she was also. Rose loved to work on cars and I loved to play gutiar, piano, and sing. We had a few boyfriends over the years, but we never loved any of them. We always skyped with our baby sister Alice so she would know who we were. Then came the day when we told them we were coming home.

" Hey mom, dad! Hi Alice!", Rose and I said together.

" Isabella, Rosalie! I miss you!", Ali yelled.

" Well you won't have to miss us for long! We're moving back home!", I yelled.

" Really? Do you promise?", Alices eyes were wide.

" Yep I promise. We'll be home next week. I love you guys! We have a party to go to, so see you next week.", we logged out and Rose and I started packing.

* 1 week later *

We exited the plane and Rose and I were so exctied. We couldn't wait to officially meet our little sister. Before We knew it a short little girl with black hair ran over to us and started hugging us. Immediately we knew it was Alice.

" Hey Alice!", We hugged her.

" Hi! Let's go home! I am really tired. You can see my room and play dolls with me and play dress up and princesses. You guys really look like princesses.", she pulled us along to our parents who hugged us instantly. They were crying.

" Oh, my beautiful baby girls. Well, let's go. We moved so you guys get to make up your bedrooms from scratch.", my mother laughed. In the end I saw Alice's room was hot pink with purple and white hearts, Rose's was a dark red and she had haning lights everywhere, mine was blue and orange zebra print. We spent most of the rest of our summer in our backyard pool. We taught Alice how to swim. Then came the uneventful knock at the door.

" I'll get it!", Alice yelled and sprinted for the door. It was still early in the morning so all rose and I were wearing were our matching short pajama bottom shorts and our tank tops that said ' I'm a Twin'.

" Bella! Rosie! There are some people here for you!", Alice ran into the kitchen to finish her breakfast.

" Ali, quit shouting. I was up late last night my ears are sensative", rose whined as two extremely gorgous boys walked into the kitchen. Their eyes went wide when they saw us. I mean other than our clothes what was wrong with us?

" Isabella? Rosalie?", Emmett and Edward said together.