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Rosalie and Isabella Swan are bullied, even if their best friends Edward and Emmett Masen try and stop it. They are in fourth grade, the girls can't take it anymore and move to California with their Uncle Peter and Aunt Charlott. They leave behind their brothers and parents. It's senior year and the girls return, what will happen?

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or the twilight saga.

3. 3

Rating 4/5   Word Count 792   Review this Chapter

( Edward's POV)

Emmett and I had just heard that Isabella and Rosie were back. I was exstatic. I couldn't wait to see them. Emmett and I got ready then headed over to the Swan's new home. Emmett and I knocked on the door. I heard a little girl yell on the opposite side. The door opened and out popped a little pixie like girl who was none other than Mary Alice Swan.

" Hey Alic- cat. We heard your sisters are back and we wanted to see them.", I kneeled down. She poked my forehead and whispered ' follow me' into my ear.

" Bella! Rosie! There are some people her for you!", Alice ran into the kitchen and began to eat the rest of her food. We heard a faint voice, " Ali, quit shouting. I was up late last night, my ears are sensative." Emmet and I's eyes popped out of our heads as we rounded the corner. There stood a blond who was tall and could be a victoria's secret model, and A girl who was medium hight with mohagony hair, who also could be a victoria's secret model. They were wearing matching outftits, I had a feeling they were just pajamas, they were wearing SHORT pajama bottom shorts and tanktops that said ' I'm a Twin'.

" Isabella? Rosalie?", Emmett and I said together.

" Edward?", Bella asked.

" Emmett?", Rose added.

" Where the Hell is Jasper?", Alice yelled.

" Mary Alice Swan! You do not say that!", Bella yelled at her,

" Why not? Last night you were in your room and I heard you talking. You said ' No, Aunt C, he's an asshole, he put me through hell and you can tell him, he can go there too, 'cause he lost his chance with me'", Alice quoted. Bella's mouth dropped.

" It's not nice to listen to other people's conversations.", Bella stated.

" Oh what else did you say? ' Aunt C! I caught him, with my best friend cheating on me. He got her pregnant, I am never going to take him back so stop trying.", Alice teased. It was funny watching sisters fight. Rosalie's mouth dropped.

" Alice, say your sorry to Bella. You don't understan what went on. Besides Bella and I are eighteen, we can swear if we want. You little girl are only four.", Rosalie scolded.

" I'm sorry Isabella. Please forgive me.", Alice said in a quite voice.

" Come on kiddo, I'll race you. Let's go get our bathing suits and go swimming.", Bella said as alice took off up to her bedroom with Bella following.

" We have some of your bathing suits here, come on, let's go swimming.", Rosie pulled on our hands. We smiled and got changed. Of course Isabella and Rosalie had to dress in bikinis. I looked at Bella and saw she had a tattoo.

" So, Isabella, what is that tattoo for?", I laughed.

" It's just Bella now and I got it the day Alice was born, it's her name along with her birthdate. ", She splashed Alice. Alice got out and Bella helped her into her towel. Within five minutes Alice was asleep and Bella was carrying her inside. I followed her letting Emmett and Rose talk alone.

" You look good Bella. I missed you.", I smiled, she changed Alice's clothes and layed her in bed. Bella's cell phone started ringing she answered and hit speaker.

" What do you want?", She said angrily.

" Belly, I am sorry! Please, just take me back. I won't make the same mistake.", the guy on the other line said.

" Jacob Black, why don't you go back to your baby mamma, and focus on her. You did a pretty good job when we were dating.", Bella growled.

" I love you Isabella!", he shouted.

" Oh, you do? Well I don't.", All of the sudden her lips were on mine and she took a picture and sent it to this Jacob guy. I stood there shocked.

" That's how much I love you Jacob, don't ever call me again.", bella hit end. She looked at me guiltily.

" I'm sorry, It's just that he really pissed me off. I needed a way to get back at him.", she apologized.

" It was a great kiss, but you can't do it again. I have a girlfriend, I don't want to lose her.", I stated.

" I wasn't planning on kissing you again. I only kissed you to get back at that Douchebag.", She looked seriously hurt.

" Wow, look at the time. Emmett and I have to go.", With that I left, I got emmett and we went home.