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Rosalie and Isabella Swan are bullied, even if their best friends Edward and Emmett Masen try and stop it. They are in fourth grade, the girls can't take it anymore and move to California with their Uncle Peter and Aunt Charlott. They leave behind their brothers and parents. It's senior year and the girls return, what will happen?

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or the twilight saga.

5. 5

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( Edward's POV )

Senior year, the last year of highschool. I was dating Tanya, I was popular and captain of the football team. My feelings were conflicted though. Bella and Rosalie had come back, it was something I wasn't expecting. Bella was....she was gorgous. I hate to say it but she was way more beautiful than Tanya.Tanya had fake boobs and blonde hair. Bella was all natural. She also had a four pack of abs. Rumors were going around that she and rose had been kicked out of the family and that they were fianally accepted back. Other ones claim that alice is really bella's daughter and her parents are pretending to be. But that's stupid bella was too young to have a child.

"" Eddie!", Tanya yelled. I really hated that name.

" Yes Tanya?", I asked.

" Why is everyone talking about Rosalie and Isabella the fugly twins.", she asked in her annoying naisly voice.

" They are the exact opposite of fugly Tanya. I've seen them both in bikinis. And ya they're twins and they are proud to be ferternal twins. I mean, they are my best friends. I don't really like you insulting them.", I let go of her hand.