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Returning to the moon

Edward left Bella in new moon. He was also leaving behind something else. he had found a cure for vampirism, and was now human with the rest of his family. What does he find while living with his family in Jacksonville?

Disclaimer: I only own my characters.

2. 2

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( Bella's POV)

I was now living in my beautiful house I had bought in Jacksonville, Florida. I wanted to be close to my mom. I was two days away from my due date and excited for my babies to be born. My son's room was blue and had bears all over it. His bedding had lions on it. My daughter's room was light pink and had heart all over it. Her bedding had lambs on it. I had fianally figured out what their names would be, and I put little signs on the doors with their names on them. I smiled as I walked into my bedroom.

I was sitting on the couch watching tv, while my babies decided to play soccer in my stomach. I had my hand on my stomach feeling them kick when all of the sudden, my water broke. My eyes went wide as I realized what was happening. Thank god my mom only lived five minutes away.

" Bella?", my mom asked. It was 12 am, so she was probably tired.

" Mom, I'm having the babies can you take me to the hospital?", my voice shaked.

" Oh! I'm on my way sweety, don't panic I'll be right there.", we said goodbye and not ten minutes later my mother was rushing into the house and helping me out to the car.

( Carlisle's POV)

" Dr. Cullen, could you please look at two newborn twins? We want to make sure they are both healthy.", Dr. Grey, asked. I nodded and followed him to the nursery.

" This is Anthony Masen Cullen and his little sister Avery Alice Cullen, their hearts were a little fast. We wanted to make sure they were okay. Anthony is ten minutes older than Avery and is two pounds heavier.", he pointed to each baby. It was strange, they had my last name. The boy had Edward's middle name and human last name. The girl had my daughter's name as her middle name. What was even stranger was, the boy had chocolate brown eyes and the girl had emerald green eyes. Anthony had penny colored bronze hair and Avery had mohagany hair that was a little bit curly. The girl looked exactly like Bella while the boy looked exactly like edward, the only difference between them was their eyes.

There had been a cure for vampirism found so now my family and I were humans. It was as painfull as the change but worth it. It was six am so my family would still be asleep, but I needed to speak to edward immediately. I pulled out my cell and dialed his number.

" Dad, it's freaking six in the morning what do you want?", Edward groaned.

" Edward, I need you to come down to the hospital, immediately. Do you understand? And tell no one you're leaving.", I ordered. I didn't even wait for him to speak I just hung up. I examined the twins and went to check on some of my patients. Half an hour later Edward arrived.

" Ah, Edward did you and Bella have a.... physical relationship?", I asked carefully.

" Once, on her birthday, that was nine months ago. Look, dad, it's my birthday, can you please just explain what's going on?", he begged. I shook my head and motioned for him to follow me. I took him up to the nursery and showed him the twins.

" The boy is Anthony Masen Cullen, The girl is Avery Alice Cullen. I haven't seen the mother yet. They were born at five thirty this morning. Anthony is ten minutes older than Avery.", I said.

" Ok, why are we up here?", he asked.

" Edward, he has your middle name and you first last name. She has your sister's name as her middle name. Anthony has chocolate brown eyes and Avery has your color eyes. I am going to see who their mother is. I believe it's Bella.", I told him. He looked at me in disbelief and followed me to the mother's room. I knocked before entering but there was no sound, I entered anyway.

There she was lying in a hospital bed. Her mother and step- father asleep on the couch. Isabella Swan had just had children.