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Returning to the moon

Edward left Bella in new moon. He was also leaving behind something else. he had found a cure for vampirism, and was now human with the rest of his family. What does he find while living with his family in Jacksonville?

Disclaimer: I only own my characters.

3. 3

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( Edward's POV)

" Carlisle, please tell me that's not Bella.", I practically begged.

" Do you think they are your kids?", My father asked. I looked at the tiny little babies that had my last name.

" I don't know, they both look like me a little, though the boy looks more like me than the girl.", I admitted. Carlisle walked into Bella's room. He looked at her chart and walked out of the room.

" Those twins are definetly Bella's.", Carlisle sighed then smiled a little.

" What are you smiling for?", I asked harshly.

" I'm a grandfather.", He really smiled, being able to say that out loud. As if right on cue Charlie Swan walked over to the nurses station.

" I'm here to see my Daughter, granddaughter and grandson. Under the name Isabella Swan, I don't know if she's changed her last name to her mother's yet. If she has then it would be Isabella Dwyer.", Well charlie was impatient.

" Right this way sir. I think your daughter is sleeping and your grandchildren are in the nursery. As soon as Isabella wakes up, we'll bring them in. ", Charlie nodded and followed the nurse. Thankfully he didn't see Carlisle and I. I needed to go home. We had just moved here two days ago, I needed to think.

" I'm going home, don't let any of them see you. Please, when I'm reasdy I'll talk to Bella.", I told carlisle and he nodded.

I got home half and hour later and Esme was up making breakfast for the family.

" Where were you young man? I went to see if you were awake and you weren't even here.", she scolded. She had become even more of a mother figure when we all turned human.

" Sorry Mom, I-I'm sorry.", I thought about those two little babies at the hospital and tears flowed fom my eyes. My mother rushed over to me, I guess I woke my siblings up too because they all came to see what was going on.

" Oh, Edward, tell me what's wrong.", My mom suggested.

" At six am Dad called me and told me I had to come to the hospital. I did and when I got there he took me to the nursery where the babies were.", I stopped trying to steady myself.

" Aw, were they cute?", Rosalie asked.

" Yeah, especially the twins with the last name Cullen. I'm a father, the little boy, Anthony Masen Cullen looks just like me but with Bella's eyes. The little girl, Avery Alice Cullen, looks just like Bella but with my eyes, green.", all their mouths dropped in shock.

" No! You aren't a father! You- you and Bella never......", Jasper said.

" Yes we did. Nine months ago before her birthday party.", I sighed and wiped my eyes. I smiled at my family, " My children and I have the same birthday.", I laughed.