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Returning to the moon

Edward left Bella in new moon. He was also leaving behind something else. he had found a cure for vampirism, and was now human with the rest of his family. What does he find while living with his family in Jacksonville?

Disclaimer: I only own my characters.

4. 4

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( Bella's POV)

My babies were now seven weeks old. I was going to the mall and meeting Jacob. It was the first time I would see him since I was six months pregnant. He was really excited to meet Anthony and Avery. I decided to just carry them around the mall. I waited in the food court for ten minutes until Jake fianally came through the door.

" Bella! I missed you!", He grabbed me in for a hug.

" Here, take her. We'll take rounds. You carry Avery first, then in half an hour we'll trade and you can hold Anthony.", I handed him Avery and he was super carefull. I had dressd Avery in a pink bear outfit with her little hat on, and Anthony in one that was identical except it was blue instead of pink.

" Wow, she looks like you Bells. He looks like Edward.", Jake laughed.