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Making Choices

All Human: Edward is dating Tanya. Bella is single. Edward wants Bella. Jacob also wants Bella. Will she fight for Edward or take the easy way out with Jake? What happens when you add the drama of high school into the mix? Find out in this awesomely epic story!

Disclaimer: Anything from the real world IN THIS STORY I DO NOT OWN!

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( Bella's POV)

I'm Isabella Marie Swan. I have a twin Brother Emmett Paul Swan. Emmett is five minutes older than me. Our birthday is September 13. Emmett looks like a body builder while I am a small quiet girl. I have mohagany hair and brown eyes, Emmett has curly black hair with blue eyes. My father raised us because a week after Emmett and I were born Mom decided she didn't want kids to hold her down. I always blamed myself, if Emmett had only been born and I had not, mom would have stayed. We got an occasional call or a quick visit, but other than that, nothing. Our dad had remarried a woman named Sue. She had two kids, Leah Reagan Clearwater and Seth Finnick Clearwater. My father and step mom had a baby, he was four years old. His name was Charlie Robert Swan Jr. Of course Sue and my father favored him a little more than the rest of us because he was biologically linked to all of us. Emmett and my eighteenth birthday was coming up and I'm pretty sure our parents forgot all about it. I didn't mind though, I'd gotten used to the lack of love in this house the day I came home from the hospital as a baby.

I was a very clumsy girl. I usually ended up in the hospital every other week. I was on a first name basis with most of the doctors and nurses. I also got into alot of trouble. I've ended up in the police station about three times. One was for underage drinking, another for doing drugs and another was for underage drining again. I did it to get attention. My father never had time for me anymore. Charlie hasn't been my father since the day he married Sue. He always tried to make it up to leah since her dad was never around. Seth hung out with Emmett most of the time and I had no one. I wasn't going to spend my day with a four year old.

My father is a wealthy lawyer. One of the best in the country. My step mom works from home as a journalist. My biological mother is a airplane attendant and my step father is a major leauge Baseball player. So all in all, I was rich. I had the coolest car at school, well other than my siblings. I never liked attention, but I loved getting to drive my flashy car. It's not good when you are a clumsy girl and the center of attention. I'd been out of school for the last week because I hurt my knee and couldn't get up, let alone walk.

Today was my first day back at school. Here I was known as the quiet girl with Family issues. Great way to put it considering I don't consider the people I live with family except for Emmett. Emmett understood how I could basically hate my whole family. Before Sue and her kids came into my life, Emmett, dad and I always hung out together. He would take us on vacations just to get away from reality. All that changed when he married Sue. I had just pulled up to the school parking lot and headed to my first class. Triginometry.