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Making Choices

All Human: Edward is dating Tanya. Bella is single. Edward wants Bella. Jacob also wants Bella. Will she fight for Edward or take the easy way out with Jake? What happens when you add the drama of high school into the mix? Find out in this awesomely epic story!

Disclaimer: Anything from the real world IN THIS STORY I DO NOT OWN!

2. 2

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( Edward's POV)

" Who's she?", I was sitting in the lunchroom. I had just moved here to Forks a week ago and I never saw this girl before. She had long mahogany hair and chocolate brown eyes. She walked in with two other kids. They were both boys, one of them looked a little bit like her. Tanya, my new girlfriend was sitting on my lap.

" Isabella ' The freak' Swan. Don't call her Bella, she'll get pissed. The only person who's aloud to call her that is her brother Emmett Swan. He's the one over there with the curly black hair. Isabella has family issues. Her mom left a week after her and her brother were born and her father remarried and had another kid. In her family there are five kids. She has a step mom and a step dad, but I heard her mom doesn't even call them anymore. Like I said she's a freak so stay away from her.", Tanya kissed me on the cheek.

" Alright.", I said.

" Yo! Bells! Can you give me a lift home? We don't have practice after school today.", Emmett Swan ran over to her. Her voice was like music, I could listen to it all day.

" Ya sure, I'm going to a party though tonight so, if I call you will you pick me up?", she asked.

" Bella, come on, is there going to be booze at this party?", he looked disapointed.

" Of course, that's the only reason I am going. I need to release stress. That's how I do it.", she frowned.

" Can't you just spend tonight with me? At home, we can watch a movie or something.", he suggested.

" Emmett, it's our eighteenth birthday. I am fianally an adult, if I want to go out and party I will. Dad didn't even say happy birthday to us Em. Instead he thought watching Barney with Jr. was more important.", she yelled at him.

" Isabella Marie Swan, listen to me. Just because mom walked out on us and Dad is taking care of our little brother, doesn't mean you get to act like a drunk druggie. I don't want you to end up getting pregnant than leaving your kid with it's father like mom. You are not going to that stupid party tonight. You will stay at home with me.", He yelled back at her. Everybody was staring at them. Even the teachers.

" You aren't my father Emmett. I haven't had a father in a long time. You can't suddenly act like you can control me.", she growled.

" Bella, you are the most important thing to me. Please, for me, don't go to the party tonight. I know dad didn't remember our birthday, so please, spend our birthday with me.", Emmett begged. He had tears in his eyes and I wouldn't have thought a muscley guy like him could cry.

" Fine, I'll stay with you. I don't want anywhere near dad though.", she said and he nodded she then went to class because the bell rang. Then all the gossip started.