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The Cullens kids go to walmart

(Renesmee's growing has slowed down all the way, she still looks like a baby, Bella's still imune to human smell and there was no encounter with the volturi) All the cullen kids + a grandkid are bored and decide to take a trip to walmart. They are bored and decide to play a game.

Disclaimer: I don't own twilight or walmart!

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( Bella's POV)

Renesmee's growing had slowed down to the speed of a normal child's. She looked like a five month old. I was holding her in my lap while all us cullen kids were trying to watch a movie.

" UGH! I am so bored!", Emmett yelled.

" Me too, can't we go do something?", Alice chimed in.

" We could go mess around at Walmart.", Jasper suggested. All our faces lit up at the Idea of going to walmart and messing with people. We all agreed Edward went to get Renesmee's carseat. Alice took her and dressed her in a cute pajama outfit that said ' Daddy's Girl' on it. She was sleeping. Rosalie had but her bronze ringlets into pigtails. We grabbed one of her blankets and buckled her in. Edward carried her carseat to the volvo and put her in the back. I was hesitant to let Emmett ride with us because she probably wouldn't be sleeping for long.

We pulled up to Walmart and Emmett had already pulled the sleeping baby out of her carseat and handed her to Edward.

" Please tell me you didn't take her out of the carseat until the car was completely stopped.", I said.

" The car was completely stopped. At the first stop sign we saw.", Emmett ducked his head. We walked into the store and Edward handed me Renesmee. He passed her over so she didn't even wake up.

" Alright, so let's begin. Here are the rules. first, you have one free pass, but if you take it, you have to go to the front of the store in only your under clothes. Second, if you've used your free pass, you must do the dare. All dares must be recorded on video. So let's begin. Emmett you have to.....Ride those little electronic cars at the front of the store screaming ' HaHa you can't catch me'", Jasper smiled.

We walked over to one of the carts and Emmett hopped on, " Hey Bellsy, you should put my neice in the basket it would be a whole lot funnier.", Emmett laughed.

" Not a chance in hell Emmsie.", I stopped laughing. After that Emmett took off on the cart. Everybody was staring at him.

" Haha You CANT CATCH ME BITCHES!", Emmett yelled. Edward was recording the Video and busting out laughing. It was even funnier when a employee started chasing him.

" Sir you can't be on those unless you have a physical injury or disability.", the man said.

" Oh, it's not one of those things you put a quarter on and ride?", Emmett's face was shocked. The employee shook his head no then Emmett got off and walked over to us.

" Alright who's next.....", Emmett grinned.