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My Perfect

Edward and Bella are married... and Edward has to keep his promise... But, on the night Bella is changed, an unexpected visitor comes, what will happen to Bella in her unsafe state? Read and Find Out!

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1. Chapter 1

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Bella's POV

Edward and I lay on the hotel bed, me with my head on his chest. We had been married hours before, and now Edward would keep his promise with me.

"Edward?" i said looking up into his topaz eyes.

"Yes?" he said looking down at me.

"Well... when are you..." he cut me off by kissing me.

"I just want to listen to your heart for a while more." he said putting his cheek to mine.

"I love you." i said quietly.

"I love you more" he said whispering.

"No, i love you more." i said moving to a more comfortable position. He took that chance to place his head on my chest, over my heart.

I ran my fingers through his hair, humming my lullaby, which was our wedding song, quietly.

"I am so lucky." he stated.

"Why?" i said smiling at him.

"Because i have you in my life." he said leaning up and kissing me again.

"Thank you... but i think that i am more lucky for you to be in my life." i said teasing him.

He chuckled and smiled my favorite crooked smile. He laid his head over my heart again, and sighed. i went back to playing with his hair.

Minutes passed with us in that position. Then, in one fluid motion, he switched me to a different position. He was over me partially, and he pressed his lips to mine in a soft sweet kiss. He trailed kisses down my jaw, and moved to my neck. He planted kisses everywhere... and then he touched his teeth to my neck.

"Are you ready?" he asked in a whisper.

"Yes," i breathed.

He kissed my neck once more, then he brushed his teeth over it again. "I love you," he said as he plundged his teeth into my neck. I gasped quietly at the pain that came, and at the fire that blazed where he bit me. My heart raced, and Edward placed his head over it again.

I looked into his eyes, and saw that they were black, even though he had just fed.

"Edward, i love you." i said as i slipped into unconsciousness.


Edward's POV

As Bella slipped into unconsciousness, knocking came to the door.

"Room Keeping." said a voice through the door. I looked at the clock, it was four in the morning, no time for room keeping.

"Um... Come back later." i called through the door.

"I no speak English" said the voice.

We have a thing that says not to disturb! i thought acidly as i hurried to the door.

"Room Keeping!" said the voice again.

I opened the door and started to tell them off, but when i saw the red hair, and the wild eyes, i knew that i would have to do more that talking.

I hurried to shut the door, but Victoria held it open with more force than i thought she had.

"I just need to tidy up a bit." she hissed. Looking toward the bed, she saw Bella... She ran towards her.

"So, finally changed her did ya?" she asked as she went to the other side of the bed, to face me.

"Don't you dare touch her!" i said through my teeth.

"Edward," moaned Bella, who was slowly dying.

"Aww.... isn't she just precious!: Victoria said acidly. She scratched Bella's face, then her arms.

I lundged for her. She darted out of the way quickly. I snarled angrily. I would kill her!

"Oh, poor little Edward... would he be sad if i killed his precious Bella?" she asked as she tore into Bella's skin more. Bella was slipping in and out of conciousness and was whimpering at the pain of the tears and the pain of the change.

Victoria lundged at me, and knocked me into the wall. She hit me with her stone arms, and i felt myself fall into unconciousness briefly.

But, in that brief time, Victoria had damadged Bella to the point of no recovery.

"How do you like your lover to be killed?" she asked with acid in her voice. She pulled out a match, and struck it on the wall. I saw the flame flicker to life on that little stick. Before i could blink, the evil vampire dropped it on my torn Bella. She burst into flames. I sank to the ground, crying sobs without tears. Victoria lit more matches on her way out and dropped them randomly along the way.

The sprinklers turned on above our heads, but they did not put out the flames. I looked at Bella's smoldering body, and felt ashamed... i should have done more to protect her. Why had i opened the door? I blamed myself.

"Edward," said a voice through the fire alarm and the water.

"Bella?" i whispered, looking up to see my angel, my life, my love, my perfect.

"Edward.. you need to get out now!" she said grabbing my arm, and pulling me up.

I stared at her. She didn't look like a vampire, or a human. "Bella... what are you?" i asked as she lead me towards the window.

"Escape now, questions later." she said, still leading me to the window.

She unlatched it in a quick motion, too fast for even a vampire to do. In a few seconds we were standing on the window ledge looking down at the parking lot. I stared at Bella... what could she be? i pondered.