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A new Cullen

On a trip to gather humans for the volturi, Heidi finds a little newborn baby girl. Aro deeply cares about her, he can't stand to have her in danger. So, he sends her to live with a certian ' vegetarian' coven.

Disclaimer: I don't own the twilight saga

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( Heidi's POV)

I was out gathering the volturi and I's dinner when I heard a faint crying. I looked around and saw a little basket by a garbage can. I went and inspected it, inside was a tiny newborn Baby, probably only a few hours old. I couldn't let it freaze to death outside so I brought her into the castle. Gianna, our receptionist, just stared at me. I took the little baby into Aro, Marcus, and Caius's council room.

" Ah Hiedi, where is our dinner.", Aro questioned.

" I'm sorry master, but I found this little one in a basket by a garbage can. I couldn't let it just stay there. I think it's only a few hours old. She's still all dirty.", Aro looked at the tiny little baby in my arms.

" Is it a male or female?", he asked. I looked and saw it was a baby girl.

" It's a girl Master.", I told him.

" Well, we should name her then, shouldn't we? Ah, I have a perfect name for such beauty. Isabella. Her name will be Isabella Marie Volturi. Will you go clean her up and fetch one of our human workers to go buy her some clothes?", Aro ordered. I carried Isabella with me over to Gianna's desk.

" Hello, Gianna.", I greated her.

" Hiedi, what is it you need.", Gianna smiled.

" Would you please be so kind and go get some clothes for this little one. It' s a girl, her name is Isabella, she is fairly small so get the newborn size.", gianna nodded and left to fetch the clothes. I had cleaned Isabella up and wrapped her in a blanket. Gianna came and gave me a diaper and a cute yellow little dress. I then proceded to birng the baby back to Aro.

" Ah, now that she is clean and properly clothed we may talk about what we will do with her. May I hold her?", Aro requested. I handed him the baby and a smile lit up his face.

" How interesting, I cannot read her. We must protect her at all costs. She is to be the only human to know of vampires, other than the ones that work with us. When the time comes, seventen years from today, she will be changed. Today, September thirteenth will be considered her birthday. I think we should keep her with responsable vampires I trust.", Aro suggested.

" Yes, but who Master?", I furrowed my brow.

" Someone I trust. Especially around humans. I will call upon my old friend, Carlisle Cullen. Please go fetch the phone. I must call him at once.", I left Isabella with Aro. I retrieved the phone and number of Carlisle.

I handed the phone to Aro and he dialed the phone number and hit send.