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A new Cullen

On a trip to gather humans for the volturi, Heidi finds a little newborn baby girl. Aro deeply cares about her, he can't stand to have her in danger. So, he sends her to live with a certian ' vegetarian' coven.

Disclaimer: I don't own the twilight saga

2. 2

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( Carlisle's POV)

" Jasper! Come on! You can't use a cheat code!", Emmett yelled. Two out of my three sons were playing xbox. My two daughters, Rosalie and Alice, were talking about going on a shopping trip. My son Edward was playing on his piano. My wife esme was designing another home in Alaska, and I was reading a book in my study. My cell phone started ringing and I didn't even look at the caller ID.

" Dr. Carlisle Cullen speaking.", I said into the speaker.

" Ah, Carlisle! My old friend. It is I Aro.", I had lived with the volturi for quite some time, I didn't like their way of living, so I left.

" Aro, what do I owe the honor of this call to?", I asked jokingly.

" I need a favor. I would like to speak to you and your mate if that's alright with you.", Aro requested. Esme was upstairs before I could even call her name. All my children went quiet listening to the phone call.

" Hello Aro. What is the favor you need?", Esme asked sweetly.

" Earlier this evening Hiedi went out to gather our dinner and came across a very very young infant. I cannot read her, we would like you to become her parents. You are the only vampire family I could trust with her. She needs to be safe. Will you please take her in?", I could practically hear Aro's worry through the phone. Never once had Aro asked a favor of me. This must be very important to him. I looked towards Esme. She had a grin painted on her face, and she nodded at me.

" We will take her in, and treat her as out own. I take it she's a girl? What is her name?", I questioned.

" Her name is Isabella Marie Cullen. She was born today. But I must tell you. In seventeen years you must change her. She is to be the only human to know of vampires existance. Thank you Carlisle, I now consider you family.", Aro said.

" You're welcome friend. When would you like us to come get her?", I asked.

" In a week. That should give us enough time to set everything up. I'll see you then. Thank you friend.", Aro hung up the phone. Rosalie and Alice bursted into the room.

" We're going to have a new sister?", Alice was bouncing up and down.

" Yes, she is a newborn. Let's all go to the store. We have many things we must get before Esme and I pick her up in Volterra.", all the children nodded and ran with inhuman speed to the car.

Alice and Rosalie were in charge of picking the colors of the room. Esme and I were going to pick out the crib, carseat and get baby formula. While at the store we ran into the plice cheif.

" Why cheif Swan. It's good to see you.", I shook his hand.

" It's Charlie, I'm not on duty right now. Are you guys having a baby?", he asked. Seeing all the baby things in the cart.

" We're adopting a baby girl. She's a newborn, her name is Isabella.", I smiled.

" Well, congrats. You should have a welcome home party. I'm sure your daughter would love to plan that.", Charlie laughed, ovbiously talking about Alice.

" That's a great Idea. Thank you Charlie, well we best be going. We haven't gotten anything ready and she's coming home in a week.", I sighed thinking about in a weeks time Esme and I would be parents again.

By the end of the day the nursery was done. There walls were a light purple with light pink trimming and white flowers painted onto the wall. We wanted Isabella to see the blue sky so we painted a blue sky and clouds on the ceiling. Right above her white crib was ' Isabella' painted in A light pink. There was a white changing table, and a huge closet not yet filled with clothes. Alice and Rosalie were going shopping with Esme for that tomorrow. We had put in pink carpet. Alice and Emmett were very excited to be becoming brothers and sisters again.

Before we knew it Esme and I were on the flight to Italy.