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A new Cullen

On a trip to gather humans for the volturi, Heidi finds a little newborn baby girl. Aro deeply cares about her, he can't stand to have her in danger. So, he sends her to live with a certian ' vegetarian' coven.

Disclaimer: I don't own the twilight saga

3. 3

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( Carlisle's POV)

We arrived in volterra at eight pm. We walked right into the castle.

" Carlisle, my old friend. Thank you again.", Aro greeted me. I shook his hand and looked for my new baby girl.

" Aro, you look well. Where's Isabella?", I asked eager to meet her.

" Hiedi is putting some clothes on her. It's rainy in forks and babies don't have a strong immune system.", Aro smiled. Hiedi came then holding a little pink blanket in her arms. She handed Esme the little bundle. Isabella was absolutely beautiful. She had chocolate brown eyes and pale skin. Esme handed her to me and I immediately fell in love with her. Hiedi had dressed her in a onsie with a cupcake on it, pink pants and a pink jacket with hearts on it. They had also put a white little newborn hat on her. I touched her rosie red cheek.

" Thank you for trusting us Aro. I already love her immensly so.", I smiled at my daughter. She was sleeping now, her mouth slightly open. I chuckled. We got out of Volterra fast. Before we knew it, we were putting Bella into her carseat in the back of our car heading home to see the rest of our family. We told the children to let us bring her into the house before hovering over her. I pulled her carseat from the backseat. She was still sleeping.

We opened the door to find Emmett and Jasper holding a ' Welcome home Isabella!', sign. Esme laughed.

" Can I hold her? Please Mom!", Emmett begged. We handed him bella and he held her very carefully.

" Hello Bella. I am your big brother Emmett. Don't worry I'm the fun one.", he held her little hand. Alice took her next and smiled at her perfect little face.

" Well, hello there Bella! Emmett may be the fun brother but I am the fun sister! We are going to go shopping and shopping did I mention we're going to go shopping?" , Everyone laughed. Jasper held her next and passed her off to Rosalie.

" Wow, she's the prettiest baby I've ever seen. She's going to fit into this family very well.", Rose smiled at Bella. Then it was Edward's turn. He didn't seem very happy. I don't think he wanted another person in the family and Bella just came into it. He took Bella into his arms and nodded then handed her to Esme and took off to his room. Out of all my children, he was the only one who didn't like Isabella.