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Everchanging Destiny

I am a huge Twilight fan but didn't really care for Breaking Dawn. This story begins where Eclipse leaves off, with Edward and Bella still together as vampire and human. This story is both romantic and suspenseful, full of twists and even a new vampire clan threatening the Cullen's way of life. What would happen if Bella hadn't become a vampire yet? There's only one way to find out!


2. Chapter 2: Confrontation

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Chapter 2: Confrontation

It was just two days ago that Edward was driving me home with my shiny new to me but very old engagement ring on my finger. It had belonged to his mother. It still felt like it weighed 100 pounds on my finger. Engaged, what was I thinking? I unquestionably loved Edward enough to marry him I just didn’t think it was a necessity to have it on paper since we were going to spend eternity together anyway. And I really didn’t think it was necessary to make a big event out of it either but I couldn’t disappoint Alice. She was so looking forward to throwing this grand wedding for us and I know that secretly Edward wanted that to. He has waited a very long time for this so I wanted it to be perfect for him, no matter how much I was dreading it. I didn’t like being the center of attention much.

In the end it would all be worth it. Since I was meeting Edward’s condition by marrying him, he would have to meet mine. He would have to let me know him in every sense of the word while I was still human and then afterwards finally make me his immortal partner.

As we reached the driveway at Charlie’s house it felt like there were a thousand butterflies swirling around in my stomach. How do you tell your dad that you’re getting married at eighteen? The one thing I was grateful for was that Charlie didn’t know the truth about Edward and what that meant for my future. It was going to be hard enough already.

I was more nervous than usual having to talk to Charlie about something he wasn’t going to like. I usually had the help of Edward who could always read what Charlie was thinking. This wasn’t going to help this time because Charlie had no idea I was about to blindside him therefore Edward had no idea what he was thinking in advance.

Edward and I entered the house together. I was gripping his hand so tightly it was hurting me. Of course it didn’t phase his marble-like hand, but he could tell by the pressure how nervous I was. He used his other hand to touch my cheek and smiled gently to reassure me that everything was going to be ok.

Charlie was sitting on the couch watching the baseball game on the flat screen. This wasn’t an unusual place for him to be. He barely looked up when we entered the room as it was right in the middle of extra innings, the 10th to be exact, and he didn’t want to miss anything. “Hey kids” was all he could manage to say because the Seattle Mariners were at bat now.

Before I could even find the right words and open my mouth, Edward was already in motion. “Charlie, do you have a minute? Bella and I have some news we would like to share with you.”

“Oh?” Charlie turned around and took his eyes only halfway off the baseball action. “What is it?”

I shot Edward a look that would have burned through anyone but him. I’m sure he saw me but chose to ignore it.

“I realize I should have probably talked to you first about this but the right moment came unexpectedly to ask Bella before I had the chance. I am happy to say that I have asked Bella to be my wife and she has, lucky for me, said yes.”

“Before you say anything, I want you to know that I love Bella more than anyone in this world and I would give my own life to be sure she is happy and safe. I know you’re probably concerned about her future, college and all, so I want to let you know we have it all taken care of. Both Bella and I have been accepted into Dartmouth this fall as you know and we don’t plan on wasting the opportunity. My family has a residence close to the university so we will have a very comfortable home to live in. Since Bella will be my wife I will be sure of course that all of her tuition and expenses are covered. She tried to fight me on that one but I insisted. I want more than anything to be sure Bella has everything she wants and needs.”

The silence was deafening. I don’t know who was more shocked, Charlie or me. I was still working up the courage to just ask about the game before any of this was said. Edward was as poised and calm as he always was.

I watched as Charlie’s face went through several stages of emotion. Shock, anger, sadness…shock again. After what seemed like several minutes…the anger finally won out. “Are you crazy, Bella? What are you thinking? You’re eighteen years old! There is no way I am going to allow this. You’re just a child.”

“Charlie,” Edward said calmly, “we have given this a lot of…”

“I don’t even want to hear anything else out you right now,” Charlie suddenly interrupted. “This is all your doing.”

“Dad!” I couldn’t let him yell at Edward like it was something he forced me into. “This is my decision too! I love Edward with all my heart and we are going to be together and we are going to get married. Yes, I’m only eighteen but I’m ready for this! I have spent my whole life looking after mom and now cooking for you and helping you out, I’m way more grown up than you give me credit for. This wedding is going to happen. It’s happening in two weeks actually. We want to have plenty of time to go on our honeymoon and get back to get ready for Dartmouth. I was hoping that you would be there to walk me down the aisle but I won’t hesitate to walk down it by myself or with mom.” Surprisingly when I called Renee she was happy about it even though she got married and pregnant young and told me I shouldn’t make the same mistakes. She said she wouldn’t miss it for the world and would be there.

Charlie just stood there and glared at me, then at Edward, mumbled something under his breath and walked out the door. He slammed the police cruiser’s door and took off down the road.

Before I had a chance to blink Edward was behind me with his arms around my waist. “See, I told you it wouldn’t be that bad” he whispered in my ear. I could tell by the way he spoke that he had that sexy half grin on his face.

“Not that bad?! Not that bad?! Were you just here in this room Edward? Didn’t your super-powered vampire ears hear what just happened?”

For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why Edward had a slight grin on his face. “Bella, Bella, relax. We knew there was a possibility that Charlie would take the news like this. I can assure you that right now he’s on his way to the diner to get a steak and he is already feeling badly about the way he acted. He’s starting to accept it and has already decided there is no way he would miss walking you down the aisle. And to my surprise, he has decided that I’m not that bad of a guy and he knows that you will be happy, and well, as safe as you can possibly be, with me.” He winked and grinned but it didn’t take long for the grin to disappear. I knew why but I wasn’t about to get into that argument again.

Edward worked on keeping my mind occupied while I was waiting for Charlie to come back home. He didn’t really need to put much effort towards the cause as he was unbelievably very good at it. All it would take is a touch here, a kiss there and my mind couldn’t concentrate on anything else. He still wouldn’t let it get any further than a long, lingering kiss but for now I was ok with it. It wouldn’t be long until I had more of him. Just two more weeks and knowing Alice, a painfully fancy wedding to get through.

As we sat on the couch, Edward loving that he could control me at any time just by touching his lips to mine, teasing me, making me crazy, I heard the police cruiser pull in the drive.

We hopped up and I was nervously pacing the floor in the kitchen when I heard the car door, this time calmly, shut. I immediately looked over at Edward who just merely shook his head and smiled like everything was ok.

Just a brief moment later Charlie walked in the door and met us in the kitchen. Charlie was a man of few words so it took him a minute to begin to say what he wanted to say. “Um, Edward……would you mind stepping into the other room so I can have a few words with Bella?”

“Of course not Charlie, take all the time you need.” And then he was gone, leaving me alone to face the firing squad.

“Bells, I’m sorry that I went off like that. You just caught me off guard. I knew I was going to have to say goodbye to you when you took off to college but I always thought you would be coming back to stay with me on breaks and holidays. Now, you’ll be married living in your own house…..there will be no need for you to come back.”

“Dad, of course I will be coming home to visit you.” It was hard for me to get the words out because I knew they were a lie. After I was “changed” I would be uncontrollable because of the thirst for a year or two so I knew it would be at least that long until I saw Charlie again.

“I know it was silly to think that but it seems like I just got you back and you’re leaving me already.”

Charlie wasn’t much on emotion but I could tell he was trying to hold back the tears. I was incredibly grateful for that.

“All I’ve ever wanted is for you to be happy Bells. As far as guys go I guess you could have done a lot worse than Edward. I can tell he really loves you and that his family has grown to love you as well. They are good people. If the offer is still on the table, I would be honored to walk you down the aisle in two weeks.”

“Of course the offer still stands, Dad. I don’t know if I would have wanted to go through with it without you being there.”

Even though neither Charlie nor I were big on displays of affection, I ran over to him and hugged him until it started getting uncomfortable for us two emotionally stunted people. He patted me on the back a few times and then called out for Edward.

“Um, Edward, I’d like to apologize about my outburst before. Someday when you have kids you’ll understand what it’s like when you have to let them go. I give you my blessing on the condition that you will make Bella happy every day of her life.”

Edward kept his smile on but I could tell by the sudden change in his eyes what he was thinking. Vampires can’t have kids. I’ll never be able to give her that.

“Thank you Charlie. It means the world to me and I am sure Bella as well that you are behind us. I’ll be sure to give Bella everything she wants to ensure her happiness.” As I looked in h his eyes I knew there was something he wanted to say after that. Something like “even if it kills me.”