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Everchanging Destiny

I am a huge Twilight fan but didn't really care for Breaking Dawn. This story begins where Eclipse leaves off, with Edward and Bella still together as vampire and human. This story is both romantic and suspenseful, full of twists and even a new vampire clan threatening the Cullen's way of life. What would happen if Bella hadn't become a vampire yet? There's only one way to find out!


3. Chapter 3: Postponement

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I didn’t really miss the sun but was very thankful that Mother Nature had let it make a rare appearance in Forks today. Even though it was August, the sun didn’t usually shine in the rainiest place in the continental United States as long as it has today.

As soon as I pulled up in my old truck my father gave me when I first moved here to Forks, I saw a blur of shimmering bright light, like a thousand little diamonds blowing through the wind in tandem, burst out of the Cullen’s front door. Before I could even blink Alice was right outside my door.

“Hi Bella!” She said with excitement, smiling, showing off her perfect white teeth through her ruby red lips. It always floored me to look at her and all of the Cullens in the sunlight. They were beautiful all of the time of course but there was just something about seeing them in the sun, their bodies glistening like Swarovski crystal that astonished me.

“Geez Alice, you scared the daylights out of me!” I cursed as I was trying to get my heart to start beating again.

“Sorry Bella, I just wanted to be sure I made it here before you got out of the truck to be sure we don’t have a repeat performance of two days ago. Besides, Edward made me promise to be more on top of things.”

Ugh. Am I ever going to live this down? It isn’t like I haven’t fallen or tripped before. Do I really need a bodyguard to walk me in the front door?

“Of course,” I mumbled. “Alice, can you tell Edward that I did manage to live 17 years walking all by myself before I met him?”

“Well, you know Edward. He tends to be a little overprotective when it comes to the people he loves and you are right on the top of his list.” She smiled again and put her arms around my shoulders as we walked to the house.

“Where is he anyway?” I was surprised that my knight in shining over-protectiveness was not here to make sure I could find my way to the front door.

“Oh he and Carlisle went into the deep part of the woods to do some hunting. Spending some quality father and son time before the wedding I suppose. He said he wouldn’t be long.”

“Why are you in such a good mood?” I was puzzled. I thought Alice would be extremely disappointed that the sun was out and we couldn’t go on our designer honeymoon clothes shopping trip to Seattle, the exact reason that I was beyond thrilled that the sun was out. I had already brought some honeymoon clothes over a couple of days ago but Alice thought they were unacceptable.

“Oh Bella, don’t you know? There is this new thing called the internet. Who needs Seattle?” Her giggle mocked me but I knew she had the best of intentions.

I was usually a big fan of the internet but was now wishing the worldwide web and all of its virtual stores were non-existent.

Sitting beside Alice at the computer I tried to fake enthusiasm as she clicked away at all of the clothes she thought I would look good in. If I so much as nodded my head she instantly clicked on the shopping cart button and there would be a new outfit to wear on my honeymoon being shipped to me. While shopping and fancy clothes were really not my thing, I couldn’t help but appreciate what she was doing.

I didn’t like the fact that she was spending all of this money on me, even though the Cullens had plenty of money to burn, but she insisted and when Alice insists you are pretty much stuck. That is how this whole over- luxurious wedding started. I would have been happy to go to Las Vegas and elope with Edward but it would have crushed Alice if we didn’t let her plan our wedding.

Two hours later, as soon as I was sure I would need 10 huge suitcases to bring all of the clothes she just purchased for me, at least half of I was sure I would never wear, I was caught off guard but relieved to feel his lips kissing the top of my head. “Having fun?” he said in his most sarcastic, but ever so sexy voice as he snuck up behind me. Edward knew I was only doing this to appease Alice and he seemed to be taking way too much pleasure in my pain.

“Hi!” I jumped up with way too much excitement. I wasn’t sure what I was most excited about, seeing Edward or being able to get away from the computer. It was too close to call. I reached my arms up, put them around his neck and kissed him as if I hadn’t seen him in days. Just a few hours were too long to be away from him.

“Well hello there. I may just have to go out more often if this is the kind of greeting I’ll get.” He looked at me with his now light gold eyes and smiled from ear to ear.

“There you go again, dazzling me. That smile of yours should be considered a lethal weapon.”

He laughed for a moment, kissed me on the cheek and whispered “I like that I dazzle you” in my ear.

“Alice? Have you gone over the limit on your platinum card yet? Would it be possible for the groom to take the bride away for a bit?”

“Go ahead,” she said to him without taking her eyes off the monitor. “She wasn’t much help anyway. I got this covered.”

As I looked up at Edward mouthing the words “thank you” silently so Alice couldn’t hear me, I felt the vibration of my cell phone. As soon as I grabbed it out of my jeans pocket, I saw that it was Charlie calling. Charlie had been calling me more often than usual in the past couple of days. He would always have some lame excuse as to why he was calling such as “do you know if we have any milk left? I can stop by the store and pick it up if we don’t.” I knew the real reason for the calls was he was trying to hold on to me as much as he could knowing that in just 10 days I would be married and leaving on my honeymoon.

“Hey Charlie, what’s up?” I was surprised to hear the voice on the other end was not Charlie’s. “Hi Bella, its Billy.” Billy? What was he doing with Charlie’s cell phone?

“Hey Billy, what’s going on?”

“Bella, I don’t want to scare you but I’m at the hospital with Charlie. We were watching the game at your house when, well, I don’t really know what happened. He got up to get us a beer and then all of a sudden he collapsed right on the floor. I called 911 and we’re now here at the hospital. I don’t really know anything else, they won’t let me see him because I’m not family. I think you should come as quickly as you can.”

As I clicked my phone closed, too stunned to speak, I realized that Edward had already gotten our coats and was putting my left arm in my coat sleeve. “Bella, the hospital just paged Carlisle. He just left and we’re going to be right behind him.”

I hadn’t said a word to Edward and I know he couldn’t tell from my end of the phone conversation what had happened because I didn’t say anything to Billy. I just listened in disbelief. Carlisle must have let him know through his thoughts while I was on the phone.

I hadn’t said a word since we got in the car and were speeding down the private long, winding road that lead away from the Cullen’s House. I felt numb.

“Bella, Charlie’s going to be ok.” I forgot Edward was even in the car. He reached his hand over to wipe the tears from my face that I didn’t realize I was shedding.

“Edward, I’m so scared.” Those were the first and last words I spoke the entire drive to the hospital. If Edward had replied I hadn’t even noticed.

As we entered in through the hospital doors, Edward suddenly stopped and grabbed my hand to stop me.

“Edward what is it? I have to go see Charlie, come on!”

“Bella, Charlie is fine. Carlisle is with him right now. You won’t be able to see him for a few minutes anyway. “ I should have felt an overwhelming sense of relief but there was something about Edward’s eyes that told me that he had more to say.


“Billy isn’t the only one here with Charlie. He looked me in the eyes as if he knew what he was about to say next would hurt me. “Jacob’s here as well.”

Jacob. I hadn’t seen him since I visited him in La Push while he was recovering from his injuries from the Victoria showdown in the clearing. It was a bittersweet visit as I was so happy to be there with him but devastated knowing that I may not ever see him again. He wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to be friends with me now that we had declared our love for one another and knowing I chose my love for Edward over my love for him. Knowing that soon Edward and I would be married and I would soon be a member of the vampire, or bloodsuckers as he called them, world he couldn’t stand.

“It’s ok Edward. Thanks for the warning but I don’t have time to worry about Jacob right now. Charlie needs me.” I could tell he was trying to give me a smile but his efforts were not good enough. I could see the pain in his eyes as he knew what Jacob meant to me. He knew that I loved Jacob too and it caused him so much pain. I hated that I was responsible for that pain.

“Would you like me to wait here Bella? It might be for the best. “

“Of course not Edward, I need you with me. The thing with Jacob is over, I chose you. There really actually wasn’t even a choice to be made. I cannot and will not live without you. You are my destiny.”

I don’t think my words made him feel any better but he was finally able to give me a little smile. He took my hand in his and we walked down the hallway trying to find Charlie.

As we turned the corner I saw Carlisle talking with Billy and Jacob. Carlisle must have sensed Edward was there because in mid-conversation he excused himself and started walking toward us.

“Carlisle?” He could hear the nervousness in my voice so he was quick to answer.

“Bella, Charlie is going to be just fine.” I sighed with relief even though Edward had already told me as much. It was just more real hearing it from Carlisle.

“Wha…what happened? What’s wrong with him?”

“Charlie had a mild heart attack. I know that sounds scary but I can assure you it was a very minor one. We’re going to do some tests to see if there is any blockage or damage but I don’t really see that being the case. He was very lucky.”

“Can I see him? Is he awake?”

“Of course. He’s been asking for you. He’s in the last room on the left.”

Edward kissed my hand and gave me a reassuring look as he nodded his head towards Charlie’s room as if telling me to go ahead. “I’ll be right here waiting. You should have a few minutes alone with your dad.”

I came up to Billy first. I bent down to his wheelchair to give him a hug. “Thank you so much for being there Billy.”

“Don’t worry Bella; your old man is one tough old bird. It’s going to take something much bigger than this to take him down.”

I shoved my hands in my jean pockets like I was a 12 year old girl again and slowly walked over to where Jacob was standing.

“Hey.” I couldn’t believe how sheepish my voice sounded.

“Hey yourself.”

“What are you doing here Jacob? I mean, you didn’t need to come just for me. I know how hard this must be for you.” I couldn’t help but to look over at Edward. Jacob caught my meaning.

“You would think I came here just for you.” His voice was as harsh as I was expecting it to be.

“I was there at the house when it happened, Bella. I was coming to pick up Billy and got there a little early. I’m here because I want to be sure Charlie is ok. He’s been a friend of my family’s for a long time.”

“Of course. I…I shouldn’t have assumed anything.”

Disgruntled, he told me I should go in and see Charlie and that now that he knew he was ok he would be leaving. I thanked him for being here and then he was gone.

When I first saw Charlie lying in his hospital bed, I was shocked to see how small and feeble he looked. Charlie was always a man’s man, always the Sherriff in uniform and out. His eyes were closed and he had a tube hooked up to his nose and IV needles going into both arms. The white, sterile room was silent with the exception of the machines he was hooked up to monitoring his heart. I couldn’t bring myself to move any closer to him for at least 10 minutes. I just stood there and stared.

As I sat softly on the side of the bed, Charlie’s eyes immediately opened and he gave me a little smile.

“Hey Bells. I’m sorry you have to see me like this. I guess I’m not as indestructible as I like to think I am.”

I tried to keep the tears from welling up in my eyes but it was no use. I dropped my face into the blanket that was tucked around him and starting sobbing uncontrollably.

“Hey…hey. I don’t want to see any of that. Ol’ Doc Cullen said I was going to be just fine. Shoot, I’m ready to walk out of this dang place right now if they’d let me.” He said it with such authority that I actually believed him. I was sure he hated every minute of this.

“How are we feeling?” I heard Carlisle say as he walked into the room. I quickly lifted my head and wiped the tears from my face.

“I feel just fine Doc. Can you take these dang contraptions off of me so I can home now?”

“Not so fast, Chief” Carlisle replied while thumbing through some paperwork on his clipboard. “We’re going to run a few more tests and I would like to keep you here overnight just to be sure that everything is ok.”

“I feel just fine Doc, really. I have a standing appointment with a steak and some cobbler tonight.”

“Well, I’m afraid the steak and cobbler are going to have to wait for a while, a long while. I received your blood work back and your cholesterol is very high. I’m sure this is the cause of your problem. I will be putting you on some medication that will help but only a little. You’re going to have to watch your diet very carefully to totally fix the problem.”

I couldn’t help but smile when I heard Carlisle tell Charlie this. I knew it was probably infuriating him. No more steak and cobbler? How would he survive?

“You have no idea how much you’re bumming me out Doc. I thought it was your job to make me feel better, not worse.”

Carlisle smiled. “I’ll be sure I do my part Chief which is why I am not releasing you until I have ruled out every possibility that this won’t happen again. And Bella, visiting hours are almost over so I’m afraid you’ll have to be going soon. We will be sure to take good care of him.”

“Wa…wait. Can’t I stay with him tonight?”

“No you can’t” Charlie said sternly. “Don’t be ridiculous. I already have too many babysitters around here, I don’t need any more. I honestly feel just fine and I promise to listen to all of Doc Cullen’s orders. Shoot, I’ll even eat the Jell-O I am sure will be here at any time. Go home Bells. Call Alice and have her come stay with you. Have some fun girl time. Don’t get too used to having the house all to yourself though. I don’t plan on being here much longer.”

“He’s right Bella. There isn’t much you can do for him here. He’ll be sleeping most of the time anyway.”

I was going to argue with Carlisle when Edward walked in to the room. “Hello Charlie, how are you feeling? You gave us quite a scare.”

Charlie nodded his head, “Edward.”

“I’d be feeling much better if your dad here would let me go home but I guess I am stuck. Hey, could you do me a favor?”

“Of course Charlie, anything.”

“Would you get Bella out of here? Pick up Alice and have her stay at the house? I have some sleeping to do and Bells here is trying to keep me from it.”

“I’m one step ahead of you.” Of course he was. You’re always one step ahead of everyone when you could read their minds. “I have already phoned Alice and she is on the way to your house as we speak.”

Edward was in on the conspiracy. I could see I was outnumbered and there was nothing I could do.

“Fine,” I reluctantly said as I got up from the bed. “But I’ll be back first thing in the morning to check up on you. And remember that I am engaged to your doctor’s son so I’ll know if you misbehave.”

I kissed Charlie on the head, told him I loved him and nodded to Edward that we could go. Edward gently put his hand on the small of my back and walked me out of the room.

We pulled up on the side of the street and parked behind Alice’s car. She was already there and had let herself in. I had supposed she used the key hidden in the gutter but you never know. Edward always got in through my window. It felt very strange to see Charlie’s police cruiser in the driveway without him being home.

Alice greeted us in the kitchen and I could smell she was cooking something. It was funny how after I came into their lives the Cullens had started to enjoy cooking even though they never ate human food. They always had food on hand for the human, and it weirdly amused them to cook for me.

“Bella, I’m so sorry! I don’t know why I didn’t see this happening. I couldn’t see anything!” Alice was bewildered why she couldn’t vision something so personal to me. She was always attuned with what was happening in my life now and what would happen in my future.

“It‘s ok Alice. The dog was there.” Edward’s voice hissed as he said it. I hated when Edward called Jacob a dog just as much as I hated it when Jacob called Edward a bloodsucker.

“Oh! Thank goodness! I thought I was losing it!” Alice was relieved because she knew her visions didn’t work when the werewolves were around. They somehow blocked her view from everyone and everything when they were present. No one knew why.

“Bella, I’m making you some spaghetti. Edward thought you might be hungry. It should be ready soon.”

Alice then glanced at Edward and said “Edward, why don’t you go hunting or something. Give me and Bella some girl time.”

“I think you have already had girl time with Bella today. Did you forget your internet shopping trip?” He looked confused as if he was trying to read Alice’s mind but she wasn’t giving away anything.

“Yeah Alice, I really appreciate the offer but I’m really, really tired. It’s been a very long day. Thank you so much though for the spaghetti and everything.” I hoped that my declining her offer didn’t upset her much but it didn’t seem to.

“No problem Bella. There’s always tomorrow. We can chat then. Did you want me to stay tonight? I don’t want the neighbors to tell Charlie you were here alone with Edward all night. They will notice his car.”

“That would be great. Thanks Alice.”

“Edward? Is that ok with you? You seem to want to get rid of me.”

“Of course it’s ok, Alice. Would I have called you if it wasn’t? Bella needs all of the family she can get right now. Thank you for coming and thank you for staying.”

Alice and Edward sat with me while I ate the surprisingly tasty spaghetti Alice had made. Afterwards, we headed into the living room to watch the flat screen.

Alice looked pre-occupied most of the night and I could see Edward from time to time glancing over at her with that confused look again. I knew it probably meant something but I was too tired to care.

I opened my eyes and was surprised to see daylight outside of my bedroom window.

“Good morning” he said as he quietly laid down beside me, wrapping his arms around me and kissing me on the back of my head.

“Morning? What time is it? How did I…?”

“You fell asleep on the couch last night, Sweetheart. I knew how tired you must have been so I didn’t want to wake you. I carried you up here so you could sleep better.”

I almost forgot about Charlie as Edward was so close to me, breathing on me, wrapping his arms around me tighter as he told me what happened last night. As he held me, I remembered when he finally admitted to me what he was, a vampire, trying to scare me off because he was afraid he would hurt me. He told me everything about him invited me in. His face, his skin, even his smell. He was so right.

“Thank you and good morning to you too.” My voice was rough. I needed a drink of water and to brush my teeth. “Do you mind if I take a human minute to go wash up?” I hated that Edward got to see me in such a mess when I woke up and that he always looked perfect. He would usually go home and change in the middle of the night while I was sleeping.

“Oh wait. I should probably call the hospital first to check up on Charlie before we head over there.”

He smiled and scanned my body from head to toe as if he liked the way I looked when I woke up in the morning. He was strange that way. “Take all the human minutes you need and don’t worry about Charlie. I called Carlisle several times throughout the night to check in. He ran all of his tests and they all came back fine. There is no blockage and no permanent damage to his heart. Carlisle wants to keep him in the hospital for at least one more day though, just to be on the safe side.”

“Oh thank God. Thank you so much for doing that, Edward. I don’t know how I would have gotten through this without you.”

“It was my pleasure. You will never have to go through anything without me Bella. I am yours and will always be here for you.”

When we arrived at the hospital Charlie was sitting up, talking and laughing with Alice who had gotten here about an hour before we did. He looked so much better than he did just less than 24 hours ago. The IVs were gone minus one and he didn’t have the oxygen tube around his nose anymore. He was however still hooked up to the heart monitor.

“Bells! Come on in! Good morning, Edward!” He was way too happy for someone who just had a heart attack.

“Hey dad, how are you feeling?” I stepped up next to his bed and kissed him on the cheek.

“Alice here was just filling me on some of the secret wedding plans. It sounds like it is going to be a heck

of a party.” Charlie was actually sounding happy about the wedding? Something weird was going on.

“Since when have you been interested in wedding plans, Dad? Are you sure you’re ok? Did Carlisle check your head to be sure you didn’t hit it when you fell?”

Charlie laughed and shook his head at me. “Bells, I have a new outlook on life. I realize now that life can be taken away from you at any time. I’m glad you and Edward are seizing the moment and going after your dreams. Life is too short to waste it not doing what you want or not being with the person you love. I see that now. It seems you two have been smarter about this than me this whole time. I’m looking forward to seeing you and Edward start your life together.”

“As am I,” Carlisle said walking into the room. He had on his same doctor’s jacket and was holding the same clipboard in his hand as he had yesterday. For a brief second I was thinking that he must be tired from being up all night but then remembered that Carlisle didn’t get tired. He never had to sleep.

“Good morning, Chief, Bella, Edward, Alice. Charlie, I have all of your test results back and besides your high cholesterol everything is fine. The bad news is I am keeping you here for one more day just to be cautious and to be sure you get some more rest.”

“That’s nonsense Doc.” I could tell Charlie wasn’t happy. “Look at me; I’m fit as a fiddle.”

Carlisle sat on the side of his bed. “Charlie, even though this was a minor heart attack we still need to take this very seriously. I promise I’ll spring you out of here tomorrow but there will be some conditions on me doing so.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah……….no steak and cobbler. I remember.”

“Well, there is more to it than that.” Carlisle was looking at him sternly so as to make him understand how serious he was being. “The watching what you eat is very important. I’ll be sending in a nutritionist shortly to go over your new diet with you. But more importantly I need you to take it extremely easy for the next few weeks. As I said before a heart attack is very serious, no matter how small it is. You shouldn’t undergo any kind of stress so you will need to let someone else protect the citizens of Forks for a little while. You have some good men in your unit and I’m sure any one of them would be happy to step up to the plate for you for a while.”

I thought Charlie’s heart monitor would start beeping uncontrollably as I watched his face slowly turn red. “Look doc, I’ll follow all of your instructions that I can but I can’t take off work for 3 weeks. I’m right in the middle of something that needs my focus.” I couldn’t help but wonder what Charlie was referring to. He usually told me about every case he was working on.

“It’s going to have to wait, Charlie. If you want to get back to work you need to follow my advice and get enough rest first. You’re not going to be of any help to anyone if something like this happens again. And next time it will probably be a lot worse.”

“Thank you Carlisle” I interrupted. “I’ll see to it that Charlie behaves even if it means I have to tie him down to the couch.”

“That’s all well and good Bella but you and Edward are getting married in just over a week. Charlie will have to be responsible for his own wellness once you have left for your honeymoon. If he follows my instructions he should be well enough to walk you down the aisle next Saturday but that should be the only excitement he has for a while.”

Charlie eventually gave in and told Carlisle he would abide to all his rules. I wasn’t convinced he would.

As we all got up to leave because Carlisle insisted we let Charlie get some rest, Alice pulled me to the corner of the room. “Bella, can you please come by the house now? There is something I need to talk to you about. Just some last minute wedding stuff.” I could see Edward out of the corner of my eye looking at Alice confused again.

“Ah…sure Alice. I was planning on going over and spending the day with Edward anyway.”

“Great! I’ll see you there.” As she danced off to leave, she gave Charlie a sweet kiss on the cheek and said she would stop by his house tomorrow when he was released and home. Charlie seemed very pleased. He really loved Alice like a second daughter.

Driving to Edward’s house all I could think about was Charlie. Sure, for the next 8 days I could be there to take care of him but what was going to happen when Edward and I left for our honeymoon? I knew he wasn’t going to take Carlisle’s advice and take it easy. As soon as I was gone he would be right back to work and right back at the diner.

The silence must have been killing Edward so he took one hand off of the steering wheel and put it on my knee. “Are you going to tell me what you’re thinking? You have been awfully quiet. Too quiet. It’s driving me mad. “

“I’m sorry Edward. I was just thinking about Charlie. I’m worried about him.”

“As you should be.” His response didn’t really surprise me. “I can tell you without a doubt that Charlie isn’t planning on listening to doctor’s orders once he gets out of the hospital. He was just trying to get Carlisle to back off by telling him what he wanted to hear.”

“Yes, I know. I don’t need to be able to read minds to tell you that was exactly what Charlie was thinking. I know him too well.”

“So what should we do about the situation? I’m on board with whatever torture methods you are planning for your dad to be sure he follows the rules.” He looked at me smiling which would normally turn me to mush and make me forget everything I was thinking but I just had too much on my mind.

When he noticed I didn’t have my normal reaction to him he sighed and took his hand off of my knee and brought it back to the steering wheel. He didn’t say anything else and just stared out the windshield with a look that could not be mistaken for anything but frustration.

When we reached the Cullen’s house Edward opened my door and helped me out of the car. “Bella, would you mind terribly if I went hunting with Emmitt for a while?”

“Of course not.” I knew Edward needed to get away for a while.

“I think Alice has something she wants to talk to you about anyway but she has been doing a very good job keeping her thoughts to herself. Between the two of you it has been an incredibly frustrating two days for me.”

“I know it’s been Edward. I’m so sorry, really. You’ve been so great throughout this and I feel terrible I’m making you frustrated. I’m not trying to keep anything from you I promise. I’m just trying to sort through all of this Charlie business.”

Edward smiled and grabbed my face with both hands to kiss me. “No worries sweet Bella. I know you don’t drive me mad on purpose.” He smiled and walked me inside.

Edward and Emmitt left to go out hunting. It was a typical foggy day so they wouldn’t have to go too far into the woods. It shouldn’t be a long trip for them.

I knocked on Alice’s bedroom door and she yelled for me to come in.

“Hi Bella. Thanks for coming. Come on over and have a seat.”

I was very curious right now about what Alice wanted to talk to me about. She didn’t have the same excitement in her voice that she always has when talking about the wedding details so I knew it wasn’t about that.

“Bella, I’ve been having visions for the past 24 hours that are very confusing. I used to see you up at the altar with Edward as plain as day but starting yesterday, that image has constantly been changing. One minute you are there, the next minute you aren’t. I know you know how my visions work. They change as people change their minds or the paths they are on. I’m only telling you this because the visions show me how torn you are. You are rethinking everything now because of Charlie. One minute you think Charlie will be fine and that you will go on with your current plans. The next you are thinking that Charlie needs you and this isn’t the time to be thinking of yourself.”

I don’t know why I was so stunned by Alice’s revelation. I knew I had been thinking about Charlie and how it was going to be too hard to leave him right now but I didn’t think about what that meant. Was it possible I was even considering calling off the wedding? Giving up my future with Edward as an immortal? The future I wanted so desperately? Is that why Alice couldn’t see me at the altar as clearly as she once did anymore?

“Bella, I’m your friend. I want to help. I know what an excruciating decision this must be for you. I know I’ve been more excited about this wedding then you wanted me to be but I wanted to let you know that there is nothing that cannot be undone. There’s nothing wrong with postponing the wedding to take care of Charlie. It’s the right thing to do.”

I knew what Alice was saying was right, and it did make me feel better to think of the wedding and my immortality as postponed instead of cancelled, but that didn’t seem to help the nauseated feeling that had overcome me. What would Edward think? Would he think I am chickening out and going back on my side of the deal? Would he still be willing to honor his part of the deal at a later date, when he has had more time to think about it? The thought of it made my heart stop. I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

As if she was reading my thoughts, “Bella, if it’s Edward you’re worried about, don’t. If you haven’t noticed Edward has amazing patience. I’m sure he will understand. And I can assure you that your future you are hoping for is still there. I see it as clearly as I always have. “

My future as Edward’s immortal partner was still there. It was like a huge weight was lifted from my chest and I could breathe a little easier. Still, what about Edward? What is he going to think?

“Thank you Alice. You’re a great friend, well, great sister actually.” She smiled as if saying she liked the idea of being my sister. “You’re right. I know I have to postpone the wedding and take care of Charlie until I know he will be ok.”

“I know you know” she said with a mocking smile. “My vision just showed the wedding isn’t there anymore. At least not now.”

“I know I’m making the right decision, but Alice, how do I tell Edward? What will he think of me?”

“Well, Bella, I………uh……… don’t think you need to worry about telling Edward. I’m pretty sure he

already knows.”

I saw her look over me towards the door and my heart stopped again. I turned around and there he was.