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Everchanging Destiny

I am a huge Twilight fan but didn't really care for Breaking Dawn. This story begins where Eclipse leaves off, with Edward and Bella still together as vampire and human. This story is both romantic and suspenseful, full of twists and even a new vampire clan threatening the Cullen's way of life. What would happen if Bella hadn't become a vampire yet? There's only one way to find out!


4. Changes

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“Sorry Bella,” Alice said apologetically. “I should have seen him coming.”

I could feel Edward’s eyes on me but I couldn’t look. The room was so quiet you could hear the tension.

“Um, well, I guess I will leave you two alone. You have lots to talk about.” You could hear the awkwardness in Alice’s voice. “Ok, well, I will see you later then.”

I could see Edward out of the corner of my eye, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. When I finally got the courage to look up at his face, I couldn’t tell from his expression what he was thinking, what he read in Alice’s mind, or what all he knew.

With one eyebrow raised, he finally spoke, “Evidently it appears we have something to talk about. May I sit and join you?” His voice and demeanor were very calm. He walked across the room slowly and sat down next to me on the pink, furry couch Alice had in her room.

“Yes we do, but first let me ask you, what are you doing back so soon? Did you pretend to go out hunting just so you could spy on me?”

“Is that what you think I was doing?” He looked hurt. “Bella, I have far too much respect for you to do that. I admit, in the past, that I may have overstepped my bounds from time to time but that was only when I thought you were in danger. I would never intentionally disrespect your privacy unless it was to protect you.”

“Then why are you back so soon?” I wanted to believe what he was saying but what other reason could there be?

“I came back because of something Alice was thinking. I was seeing some of her visions, something I have been trying to do for the past day or so but she has been blocking me out. I was seeing you fade in and out of them and it frightened me. When I saw you one minute and then you were gone the next, I had to come back to be sure you were ok.”

“OK, sorry I jumped to conclusions. But how come all of a sudden you were able to see what Alice was thinking again?”

“I can always get in Alice’s head, Bella, but she has a very clever way of blocking things out of her mind. Whenever she sensed I was trying to read her, and with her gift she always knows when I am going to try, she would mentally start singing When the Saints Come Marching In. After a while I would give up because I couldn’t bear to hear it anymore. It was quite irritating. Anyway, when she was talking to you, I started seeing what she was seeing but it wasn’t clear. It didn’t make any sense why she kept seeing you and then losing you a minute later.”

“So you don’t know what we were talking about? You didn’t see any of that?” I was almost hoping he did because I didn’t want to have to tell him myself.

He raised his one eye brow again and looked like he was trying to be serious but I couldn’t help but notice he had a little glimmer in his eyes, “Once I was here I believe I was able to see enough through Alice to pretty much understand what is going on.”

“Oh.” I was trying to read his face but I couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

“That is all you have to say for yourself? Oh? You don’t want to marry me and all you can say is Oh?”

“Edward, of course I want to marry you! I….I……I just need to be with Charlie right now. Don’t you think this decision is killing me? Don’t you understand I want to start forever with you more badly then I have ever wanted anything before?”

I was surprised when Edward grabbed me and kissed me while he was mischievously laughing quietly. “Bella, it is so fun to tease you.” He put his arms more tightly around me and kissed me again. He knew right now that would be the only thing that was going to shut me up.

“Sweetheart, did you actually think I was going to be mad at you? Did you really think I wouldn’t understand?”

“I don’t know, maybe, I guess. I mean this was the one and only condition you asked me to fulfill in order to start our new life together.”

“Bella, my condition was that you were to marry me, not marry me this week. If I am to be perfectly honest with you, I am actually relieved that this is what you decided. You know I was never in a hurry for any of this to happen.”

It felt like a knife was just stabbed through my heart. This was my worst fear, what I worried about. Edward is relieved he doesn’t have to commit to me for eternity. I could feel the tears coming. “Are you crying?” Edward sounded surprised.

“What did you expect Edward? This is exactly why I was worried about postponing the wedding. That it would give you more time to change your mind about everything, about me. Evidently you didn’t need that much time.”

Edward chuckled a little as he leaned over to kiss my tears away. “You silly, emotional, wonderful girl. I thought we were passed your questioning how much I love you. When I said I was relieved, it wasn’t because I changed my mind. I still have every intention of making you my wife and living up to my end of our agreement, whether it is next week or, next year. I am relieved because I was worried your impatience to become a monster and your unrelenting human hormones were going to stop you from doing the right thing. You see Bella, if you would have decided to go through with everything and not be there for Charlie, you would have regretted it for all eternity. You would have also grown to resent me for it as well. I could not live with that.”

“How is it you always know the right things to say?” I couldn’t help but laugh a little through the tears.

“That is easy. I see you more clearly than you see yourself.” He lifted his hand onto my cheek to wipe away the few tears that were remaining.

I laid my head on his lap and he stroked my hair. “So, I guess we should pick a new wedding date.” Even though we were going to wait I didn’t want to wait too long. “Carlisle said Charlie should be back on his feet in about three weeks, so how about September 15th?”

“Bella, I know you are in a hurry but there is no need to be. I know you have some insane notion that every day you are getting older than me but the truth is you will never be older than me, at least as far as life experiences go. And I hardly think you will be developing crow’s feet and needing false teeth in the next couple of years. I am fairly certain you will look just as young and beautiful as you do now when you are 20, 21 or even 25. Why don’t we just play it by ear and see how things progress.”

I couldn’t really argue with him this time, even though I wanted to. I did want to be around for Charlie until I knew for sure he was going to be alright.

“How about Christmas Eve? That gives us 4 months. That is plenty of time for me to be sure Charlie is ok. And is it perfect that we will be on our honeymoon for Christmas and you can finally give me my present.” I couldn’t help smiling just thinking about it. He couldn’t help looking worried.

He argued for a minute that he still thought I was rushing things but I wasn’t going to budge. Even though I knew I was doing the right thing for Charlie I still didn’t like that our plans were delayed. He finally realized I meant business and wasn’t going to take no for an answer so with a heavy sigh Edward had agreed.

The next day Edward drove me to the hospital to pick up Charlie. When we got home we explained to Charlie that we were pushing the wedding date out a few months because we wanted more time to plan. Two weeks to plan a wedding wasn’t much time, even for Alice. We knew that if we told him I wanted to be there to take care of him that he would have insisted he didn’t need a babysitter and that we went ahead with the wedding as originally planned.

During the next couple of days Edward and I contemplated our college options since there was no way I could leave Charlie alone right now and go all the way to New Hampshire to attend Dartmouth. This was trickier to get past Charlie but we ended up convincing him we wanted to get our feet wet here first before we dove into an Ivy League school. We would go to Dartmouth next year. He didn’t like it but finally gave in and said we were old enough to make our own decisions. We would have to come up with something after the wedding, after I was changed, as to why we changed our minds and were moving to New Hampshire mid-school year, but we would cross that bridge when we came to it.

We ended up deciding on Peninsula College located in the Olympic Mountains in Port Angeles. They had a late admittance policy and were more than happy to welcome students that had been accepted into an Ivy League school. It was going to be a commute, about an hour each way for normal people, but probably only half an hour for us the way Edward drove. Unfortunately on sunny days, even though they are few and far between, I would have to drive myself to class for obvious reasons. Alice and Jasper had agreed to join us. They said they already had more Ivy League experiences then they needed and were looking forward to a place that wouldn’t be so demanding.

I hated to admit it but I was happy things were moving along like they were. Alice had assured me that my future as a vampire was still there. I could be with Edward, with the same limitations unfortunately, be here for Charlie, and I was even looking forward to starting Peninsula next week. It didn’t even really bother me much anymore that I was going to be another few months older than Edward by the time I joined him in immortality. Everything seemed to be working out effortlessly. After all we had been through in the past two years; it was almost too good to be true.