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A Night of Games, Pranks, and Cullens

Emmett is bored so he decides to have a game night with Bella, Edward, Jasper, Alice, and Rosalie! Please read and review!!! Hey guys I'll try to put chapter 2 up as soon as possible! THANKS have a nice day!!!

I do NOT own Twilight or the charcters in it I just simply own the plot!!! Reviews please!!!

1. Emmett Gets the Band Together

Rating 4/5   Word Count 364   Review this Chapter

Emmett POV


It was Friday and I was more bored then ever.

"Bella, Jasper, Rose, Alice, Edward! Come here it's an emergency!" I screamed at my family. Alice, Jasper, and Rosalie appeared very quickly while as Bella and Edward scrambled around the corner about a minute later looking quiete disshelved with Edward's shirt 3 buttons off and zipper undone and Bella's shirt inside out and both of their hair looking like a tornadoe went through it and also they had reddish bite maeks all over their necks. I didn't bother teasing them.

"What is it Emmett?" Bella asked getting straight to the point

"Yeah because we were kind of busy" Edward of course wanting Bella all to himself.

"I just want all of ya'll for 1 night then tomorrow ya'll can get back to having your fun." I smiled then everyone looked back at them and started laughing they both stared at the floor in complete embarassment.

"Anyway I'm bored so I wanted to have a game night" I said ecstatically

"Okay!" Alice exclaimed even more excited then me if that was possible but it is Alice of course.

"Yes." Jasper up for anything as long as Alice was envolved or it makes Alice happy.

"Fine but if my clothes get ruint then I'm quiting." Rosalie naturally.

"I don't know Emmett last time we played a game I was the one who had to put the fire out on Carlisle and Esme's bed" Bella said unsure. I couldn't help but bust out laughing.

"Awww, come on Bells pleeease"

She contemplated this for a moment trying to not fall for my puppy dog face. It worked.

"Fiiine" she groaned

"Yesss, thanks Bells" I ran over to her, picked her up, and spun around the room. "I always knew you were my favorite!"

"Fine. I'll play too." Edward said a little unwillingly but as long as Bella was coming he was too because as always he was always up Bella's butt. Edward heard that and growled. Oh, come on you know as well as anyone that it's true! I defended myself mentally.

"So, which game first...Triple Dog it is! Thanks Bells!" Alice of course.