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Bella found out Edward was cheating on her. She needs someone to comfort her. Who will it be?

Disclaimer: I do not own an recognizable items in this story! So sadly I don't own the twilight saga!

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( Bella's POV)

" Do you have to go?", I whined. Edward was supposed to go on his weekly hunting trip, I didn't want him to go.

" Unfortunetly so love. I don't want to put you in danger.", he touched my cheek. Right before he kissed me his phone beeped with a text message. He looked at it and his face fell slightly." I have to go, bye bella.", he kissed my forehead and jumped out my window. I already missed him. He was always getting text messages. It has to be Alice, she always text him when she doesn't want me to hear about one of her visions. Something she does often. I'd see Edward in three days and everything would be fine.

( Edward's POV)

" Do you have to go?", Bella pouted.

" Unfortunetly so love. I don't want to put you in danger.", I touched her cheek and leaned down to kiss her, but before I could my phone alerted me that I had a text message. I sighed and opened the message.

' Eddie! You're late, I thought you were saying goodbye to your human toy then coming to play with me. - Tanya '

" I have to go, bye bella.", I gave her forehead a quick kiss and jumped out her window and ran towards my home. I had to relieve stress somehow and it was to dangerous to even kiss Bella, let alone sleep with her( not literally of course). I was already upstairs in my bedroom taking off my shirt and waiting for Tanya. When she walked in we spent the next few days locked away in my room. The whole family was mad I was doing this to Bella, especially Alice and Emmett. Rosalie even thought it was wrong, she disliked Bella, but didn't think she deserved what I was doing to her.

It was now monday afternoon and I went to visit my Bella. I heard talking from inside her house.

" Bella, can I ask you something?", the husky voice asked.

" Sure Jake, what's up?", Bella's magical voice answered.

" Why did you- why did you choose him? Out of all the people you could have chosen from, you picked a Cullen.", I could practically see this kids frown in his words.

" I don't know, he's helped me a lot. He's the reason I don't hate Forks.", she sighed.

" Why did you choose me to be your best friend?"

" We're practically family, I love you, but in a different way than I love Edward. I feel complete when you're around me. So hence you are my best friend." I suddenly felt horrible for cheating on Bella but I ignored it.

" Well Bells, I have to go. Billy'll be pissed if I miss the dinner my sister cooked for us.", Jake laughed.

" Alright Bye Jake."

" See ya around Bells.", the door opened and out walked a huge muscley guy who was definetly from the reservation. He got in a truck and drove away. I hurry and rushed to the door to make sure Bella was okay. I knocked and she answered the door with a smile on her face.

" Edward! You're home!", she grabbed me into a hug and I hugged her back. I was so scared he would have hurt her.

It had been two whole months since I started sleeping with Tanya, she would come over and we would stay in my room all night. I found myself spending more time with Tanya than Bella.

" I am going shopping with MY bestfriend. I'll be home later.", Alice shouted.

( Bella's POV)

We had just spent the past three hours shopping and suprisingly Alice hadn't gone overboard. She took me to her house and the whole family gave her looks of horror, but Edward wasn't there.

" Alice, Bella needs to go home.", Jasper said with sorrowfull eyes.

" Bella, you really don't want to be here right now alright. Trust us please go home.", Esme said. Esme would never say that unless something was going on.

" What's going on, why is everyone looking at me like that?", I asked.

" Alice! Take her home now! She shouldn't be hurt like this. She is my sister and I don't want her to be hurt!", Rosalie yelled. I could only think of one thing that she knew would hurt me and I ran to his room. When I opened Edward's door, there he was with a blond vampire wearing nothing but their birthday suits.

" Bella?", Edward's voice was a whisper. I saw the shock in his eyes. I'm sure he could see the hurt in mine.

" We are over Edward, over. Don't call me, in fact, forget my phone number because I never want to hear from you again.", With tears streaming down my face I walked out of his room. Alice took me home, I didn't even talk to her. I wasn't mad at her, but I was mad that she didn't tell me.

" I'm sorry Bella. I should have told you, I couldn't though. I love you like a sister and I knew how much this would hurt you, I can't bear to see you hurt.", she sobbed.

" I'm not mad at you. I'm diapointed, but I knew Edward and I wouldn't last. I'm nothing but a weak human, a clumsy one who trips over flat surfaces. So don't be sad, I'll be fine. I have to go make dinner for Charlie, so I'll see you around.", I got out of the car and headed inside. I went up to my room and all I did was cry. I had loved Edward so much, and I thought he loved me too. I guess I was wrong.