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Bella found out Edward was cheating on her. She needs someone to comfort her. Who will it be?

Disclaimer: I do not own an recognizable items in this story! So sadly I don't own the twilight saga!

2. 2

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( Bella's POV)

The first day of school since Edward and I broke up was hear. I knew Mike would be bothering me. I really wasn't looking forward to that. I reached the parking lot and saw the Cullens were already there. Immidiately I was attacked by Mike.

" I heard Cullen broke up with you. Do you need a shoulder to cry on? Maybe I could take your mind off of him if you went to the movies or to dinner with me tonight.", Mike winked.

" I broke up with him, he didn't break up with me. And I have a shoulder to cry on already. Thanks but no thanks.", I snarled.

" Well, sorry bells, PMSING much?", He laughed then cried when my fist connected with his nose. I was very satisfied when I heard the crunching of a bone.

" Bitch! You broke my damn nose!", Mike yelled, while I laughed.

" Goodbye Mike.", I walked into class.

It was now lunch and I really felt like ditching. Then the stupid intercom came on

" Isabella Swan to the principles office please.", I got up, everyone was watching me. I walked into the principles office and there were a bunch of cops there. I saw they were all crying.

" What's going on?", I asked scared.

" Bella, Charlie was killed in an accident. A motercycle hit him head on and the airbag killed him. I'm so sorry.", One of the deputees apologized.

" N-No he- he can't be dead! He's my daddy!", I sobbed. I didn't realize someone else had been called into the office. That someone was rosalie.

( Rosalie's POV)

I had to go to the stupid office just because I tried to kiss Emmett. Jeez I hated high school. I walked into the office and saw Bella balling her eyes out. There were like three or four cops there who looked like they had been crying as well.

" Bella, your father wanted me to tell you, he left everything to you and that up in the attic there are some things you might like to have. Old pictures and stuff. I am so sorry Bella.", the cop guy hugged Bella tightly and she just kept crying.

" I'm sorry, but may I ask what's going on?", I asked, trying not to sound like a total bitch.

" M-my- my fa-father was in an ac-accident. He-he's d-d-dead.", Bella sobbed again. I couldn't help myself, I pulled her into a hug and suprisingly she let me.

" Oh, Bella, I'm so sorry.", I rubbed her back. The cops told her to go get her school stuff, that she was spending the night with Billy Black in la push.

( Edward's POV)

My locker was located right next to Bella's. It was lunch and I was getting my book from my locker. I saw Bella walking down the hall with her head down. She came to locker and opened it. I saw she had red rings around her eyes like she had been crying. Then I noticed she took all of her books with her. She emptied out her locker.

" Bella, what's wrong?", I asked.

" Look, just let me be. I have to go now, you wont see me for awhile. Goodbye.", She turned and walked away. I then saw Rose, she had a pained expression on her face. I walked over to her.

" Do you know what's wrong with Bella?", I asked urgently.

" Yes, I found out whilst I was in the office.", she replied.

" Well? What is it?", I was irritated.

" Bella's father died in a car accident. That's why she's crying, I comforted her.", Rose looked away from me.

" Her- her father?", I asked, charlie was one of the safest drivers I knew.

" Ya, the airbag killed him. Bella is spending some time with Billy Black down at La push.", she sighed. I felt so horrible, I hated that this happened to Bella.