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Bella found out Edward was cheating on her. She needs someone to comfort her. Who will it be?

Disclaimer: I do not own an recognizable items in this story! So sadly I don't own the twilight saga!

3. 3

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( Jacob is older than Bella in my story!)

( Bella's POV)


I had gotten over my father's death, slowly but I got over it. That was mostly due to Jacob. A year after my father died, Jake and I started dating. We've been together for two years now. I was twenty one, he was twenty two. We had gotten very serious and even though we weren't married I was five months pregnant with his child. We had decided to stay in Forks and raise our baby. Since my father left me the house, that's were Jake and I lived. Up in the attic I found my old crib which looked brand knew and a dresser. We used my old room for the baby's room. We found out we were having a little boy, though we didn't know what we wanted to name him though.

" Hey Bells! Hey buddy!", Jake gave me a kiss then touched my stomach.

" Hey, we missed you.", I smiled.

" I missed you both very much also. So I was thinking instead of you cooking tonight- we could go to the diner. What do you think?", he took my hand and pulled me onto the couch.

" Alright, what time do you want to go?", I asked, I put his hand on my stomach where our son was kicking.

" I swear he is going to be a soccer player. And let's go now, I am starving!", Jake helped me up and we got in the car.

We ate and talked. Mostly about his day at work and the baby.

" So I um- I thought of a name.", Jake mumbled.

" Oh really? Do I get to hear this name? It is'nt like JesusMooseBaby is it?", Jake thought it was funny to mess around with the name our child would perminantly have.

" Haha, yes you can here it and no it isn't like JesusMooseBaby. It's..... Charlie Aidan Black.", He held his breath.

" I like it, Charlie Aidan Black.", the baby kicked and I knew that was his name.

" Really?", Jake's eyes lit up.

" Ya and Charlie kicked so he likes it too. That's what his name is going to be. Our little Charlie.", I sighed.

( Edward's POV)

The volturi had found a cure for vampirism. It hurt ten times as bad as the change. My whole family and Tanya had it done. After we left Volterra, we would be moving back to Forks.

I was moving into my own place in Forks. I was a horrible cook so I went to this diner and heard a familiar voice.

" Jake, I was thinking, maybe once Charlie is born, we should go visit my mom. She wants to be there for the birth but she wont make it in time probably."

" Bella I promise you, when Charlie turns a month old, we will go visit your mother. By the way, tomorrow you and my son are coming out to a romantic dinner with me.", the tan guy said. Why was he with Bella and why were they talking about a baby Charlie?

" Jake, Charlie is inside me, if I go, he goes too. And plus, what's the occasion?", Bella asked. Bella was pregnant! Hah, that's funny, so was Rosalie. Wait! My Bella was pregnant with another guys baby?!