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Bella found out Edward was cheating on her. She needs someone to comfort her. Who will it be?

Disclaimer: I do not own an recognizable items in this story! So sadly I don't own the twilight saga!

4. 4

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( Bella's POV)

We had just left the diner when I heard someone yell my name. I remembered the voice somewhere, I just couldn't place it.

" Isabella Marie Swan! Turn around now and say hello to your best friend!", I turned around and saw a small pixie like girl who looked like Alice but had brown eyes and skin like mine instead of the paper white albino skin Alice Cullen had.

" Alice?", I asked. Immediately she pulled me into a hug.

" Yeppers! We're human again! All of us! Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, who is preggo by the by, Emmett, me, Jazz, Eddie Boy, and his bitch of a gf, Tanya!", She gave me another hug. When her arms wound around me the baby kicked and she felt it. Her mouth went into a wide 'O' shape.

" What's wrong Alice?", I asked alarmingly.

" You- you're pregnant? Who's the father?", she asked.

" Jacob, my boyfriend. It's a boy, his name is Charlie Aidan Black. Why, what's wrong?", She looked devastated.

" We aren't sisters anymore?", a tear came from her eye.

" Alice, we will always be like sisters. I'm just going to be having a baby with my boyfriend. If you want I'll even let Charlie call you Auntie Alice.", I suggested. I looked at Jake and he smiled nodding.

" Really? Your baby can call me Auntie Alice? Thank you Bella!", she hugged me again.

" Okay, well I have to go. Billy wanted us over at his house twenty minutes ago. I'll see you later, my phone number is the same so you can call or text me anytime. Bye Alice.", I gave her one last hug then got into the car.

( Alice's POV)

I couldn't believe that my best friend was dating a quilute, and having a baby with him. A boy with the werewolf gene. I walked into the diner and saw Edward sitting there looking dazed.

" Hey Edward! How's the ice queen?", that's what I called Tanya. I hated her for breaking up my Bella and My Edward.

" Bella is pregnant with another guy's baby.", He simply stated.

" Edward, she moved on. She's not the one who cheated on you, you ruined the relationship by cheating on her.", I ordered my food and held his hand.

" They're naming the baby Charlie Aiden Black.", He closed his eyes. I patted his hand. We ate our food in silence and then we left. I went to the grocery store at like midnight because Rose and I were having a sleepover and she was craving ice cream. That's when I asaw him."

" Alright, what kind do you want?", Jacob asked into the phone reciever.

" That's disgusting!", he stated.

" I know your pregnant! I put the baby there. Alright I'll get that stuff for you.. I love you.. Mhm I'll be home in a little bit.", Jacob ended the call.

" You're Jacob right?", I asked.

" Ya, you're Alice right?", he stuck out his hand and I shook it.

" Yep, I saw Bella today well technically since it's midnight I saw her yesterday.", I laughed.

" Yeah, she's pregnant so she sent me out for ice cream and spicy cheetos. Her favorite combination right now.", he chuckled.

" Ha, I'm out for my sister Rosalie, she's prego also.", I sighed.

" Look, I know you were Bells' best friend so feel free to come on over. We live in charlie's old house. She didn't want to sell it until we have a second child so...", he said.

" Ya I'll definetly visit. I've missed her alot these past three years.", I promised. Jacob got all his stuff and left while I got mine. I got home and Rosie was on the couch.

" Got our ice cream.", I held it up.