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To late

Carlisle fell in love with a girl named Abby. Who he and his father hung. The night carisle asked for her hand. She told him she was not full humen. He never felt sorry intel he was bite by a vampire. For 300 years he keep it from his loved ones. But one day on a hunt he cames face to face with his past.

Hope you like it.

1. The past

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Carlisle pov louder and louder her screams filled the town, her name is Abby Foster. i like all the unmarried men in town fell head over heels for her. but she picked me. its funny how things work out. just a hour a go i asked for her hand. *flashback* she said "yes" and i pulled her into a hug has i put the ring on her hand. "thank you! you don't know how happy i am." just then she whispered " carlisle iam not a human." i pushed her away from me. i was shocked at her words. she said she will tell me what i want to know. all i could say is i need time. she said ok and kissed me. i ran home,not thinking at all. i told my father. within a hour she was being hung with my ring on her hand. i never was happy when we burned some one, but today i felt nothing. at all. when we got home my father said he was pleased with what i did. and so was i. but i just wished i knew what she was. little did i know, i was going to get that wish. in 300 years. i know carlisle sounds mean and heartless. but in the next few chap that will get better