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To late

Carlisle fell in love with a girl named Abby. Who he and his father hung. The night carisle asked for her hand. She told him she was not full humen. He never felt sorry intel he was bite by a vampire. For 300 years he keep it from his loved ones. But one day on a hunt he cames face to face with his past.

Hope you like it.

2. Abby's side

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Abby's pov i walked with carlisle, on the way to my house. i felt my heart jump, when carlisle put his arm around me and whispered " thou i love you! so much." i couldn't help but to laugh at that. if he knew what i was, he would be burning me at the stake. would he? no he loves me. or so i though he did. that night he set me on the chair, got down on one knee and pulled out a little black box. i put my free hand on my mouth. i could feel the tears running down my face. he looked up into my eyes and smiled. "Abby Foster will you let me call you my wife?" and silly me i said, wait no cryed "yes." he put the ring on my hand and pulled me into a hug "thank you! i love you so much my love!" what happen next i would have never have done in my right mind "carlisle i am not human!" i hissed in his ear. he pushed me away standing up very fast. he looked at me with a shocked look on his face. his eyes told me he was scared. i understand why, i am a munster. he should be scared of me. "WW-what d-do you mean? you n-ot human?" he said slowly. but be for i could say a word he stop me. "never mind i don't want to know. just give me a day to think." his face was hard and mad. he looked like his father. witch made me fear him. i nodded "fine take your time. sweetie." i whispered. he left that night, i had a bad feeling about what morning would bair. that very next day him and his father came for me. they hung me. i just wish he would have let me say what i needed to. i was killed by the man who's wedding ring was on my hand. Little did I know I what see he him in 300 years.